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Message Subject Ladies who appreciate poetry? Think my GF will like this poem I wrote her?
Poster Handle MALACHI
Post Content
"There is a heaviness weighing hard upon my chest;
So much love and longing.
Short of breath and gasping for air,
This feeling of emptiness – so thick it’s suffocating.
The silence overwhelms me;
Her sweet voice, her joyous laughter –
It echoes throughout the canyons of my heart;
Drifting further and further away.
The ground gives way beneath my feet;
I frantically grasp at the crag and rock – but to no avail.
Am I falling? Or floating? Or flying?
My heart sinks but my soul is soaring.
Time stands still as the clouds fly past me.
I could fall for the rest of my life;
More deeply and madly in love with each passing day,
The second hand of the clock reminds me of her beating heart,
I try to align myself with the inhalation and exhalation of her breath.
I breathe in, imagining she is doing the same.
I breathe out, is she thinking of me?
Twenty seven seconds pass on the clock.
I try to count the heartbeats.
I lose track and my thoughts turn to the lilies of the field,
I wonder if they feel the same heartache and gut wrenching sadness,
When the sun retires to its place for the night;
And they are left alone in the dark, without its warming heat and love.
Do the sands of the shore cry out for the tide,
When the waters recede and return from whence they came?
Do the leaves of the tree lament?
Are they tossing and turning, in mourning from the fall –
Yearning to find themselves once again in their lovers arms?
They say home is where the heart is,
So my home will forever be with her.
During these periods of inevitable separation,
Of seemingly immeasurable distance,
I will be a wanderer, a vagrant.
Finding my home away from home,
In a familiar song, In the smell of her on my clothes,
In the scratches across my back that read like writing upon the wall,
Like love letters written in cryptic code that only my eyes can see,
That only my heart can decipher.
Though this heaviness feels at times unbearable,
And each breath feels like pins and needles,
And every second I’m away from her feels like an eternity,
Still, I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world.
It is her love that gives me life, that gives me strength,
That grants me peace.
I know that just as the sun shines forth at each new dawn,
Just as the flowers bloom in the spring,
Just as the trees stretch out their branches at the return of the light,
I will find myself once again,
Basking in her eternal, luminous glow.
They say the best things in life are worth the wait,
So I will be patient,
As I await the return of my beloved."
 Quoting: MALACHI 27724247

I think its beautiful, OP. definitely make sure you frame this and give to her to hang some where special.

 Quoting: mk ultra 5813027

Thank you!!

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