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Message Subject Looks like Cathy Obrien was write again , 17 years after her book about being a presidential model sex slave for the Goverment , check this out ,
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After reading Tranceformation of America,

I never looked at a politician the same again:

No wonder they "impeached" Bill Clinton for lying about Monica Lewinsky giving him a blow job.

The public could accept that type of slip-up.

Of course.....drug running, killing any and all who got in there way.....serial rapes.......high voltage torcher to the genitals...Hunting naked sex slaves for fun.......carving up sex slaved genitals........

Hillary the bisexal bitch having no love for her husband and eating out any female aid she could get her carpet munching face on.

If this was exposed in the 1950's, these people would be hung from the nearest gallows.

And it all ties into OKC 95, 9-11, Iraq & Afghan wars, Vietnam, the NWO WWIII soon to be coming.
 Quoting: Dr_Kynes 4209135

hillary<--- The "Carpet-Munching Face!"

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