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Message Subject Looks like Cathy Obrien was write again , 17 years after her book about being a presidential model sex slave for the Goverment , check this out ,
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The book I'm referring to for those who don't know is called Tranforfation of America written by Cathy Obrien. It's long and not hard to find for free online. It was written 17 years ago in 1995 and in it she claims to be one of the only people to successfully escape the Mk Ultra program as a top level programed presidential sex slave. Her story will be very hard to believe for a lot of people but at the very least I would have go say this is somewhat accurate information being leg out to the public for some reason. Maybe truth mixed with lies? She definitly knows things most people shouldn't know. I for one belive her. So it seems that one of her many many outrageous claims may have been recently discovered by the media. She claims that Branson Missouri & was specifically manufactured & designed by the NWO for the purpose of importing & distributing cocaine across the US. Importing nearby from a small airport near the border of MO in Mena Arkansas. Arkansas at the time , in the 80s was run by Bill Clinton who had a huge part in it all. So they shipped it to Mena & took it a short distance away to Branson just on the other side of the MO/AR border.. Think about all the equipment the musicians travel travel with. I couldn't imagine how much coke could fit in just one of those six foot boxes on wheels I see backstage. It's almost ingineious if you think about it. Who would suspect someone like Dolly Parton or Garrth Brooks of transporting cocaine ? You would get laughed at if you even asked to search them like that, in most cases I'm sure its partly prearranged & the right cops are around at the right times. So if you find it hard to belive then check out this story from Oct 2012 I just came across

Notorious Drug King-pin Confesses !

[link to shazereverquar.wordpress.com]
 Quoting: YOUCITY 18850702

Anyone who would find this story outrageous is either stupid or hasn't been paying attention all along.
This goes waaaayyyyyy back and the corruption especially in GOVERNMENT is rampant and to be perfectly honest......GOVERNMENT was set up for corruption.......and nothing but corruption!
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