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Message Subject Looks like Cathy Obrien was write again , 17 years after her book about being a presidential model sex slave for the Goverment , check this out ,
Poster Handle CtYankee
Post Content
The fact that anyone gives any credence to that sick, twisted woman's psychosexual fantasies is amazing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 192998

Boy I miss being able to say that.....but I'm a "well lets go see for ourselves" kinda guy and have see way more than I ever wanted too!!! Been thrown out of many places I was not ment to be in simply by dressing well and marrying a woman so beautiful evey man we met in Cal thought he was going to take her away from me! We got into many,many famous peoples parties just on Pat's looks!!! Too many famous people are just wealthy trash......un fucking real!!!!
 Quoting: CtYankee

You should break out a bottle of wine and talk to us,
 Quoting: YOUCITY 18850702

OH NOT ME MY FRIENDS....my wife.....LOL...her life is the stuff of movies.....says it is ok to tell you she "is just an Ivy League bitch from Yale with a life a naughty friends".....she need to tell her stories.....if I wasn't part to a great deal of her ploys....I would never believe the rest! Pat is brutly honest.....talking about becoming a better man because of a woman.....I am IT!!!
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