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Message Subject Rocket fired to Jeruaslem minutes after Ban-Ki Moon arrives in the city
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here is evidence Hamas has been arming from Iran.

They openly admit to assembling an M75 from Iran. Being a missile of such class puts Iran on the spot light.

If Iran gave, sold or deployed these missiles...what else are they getting from Iran?

Iran knows Israel is going to attack. It would make sense for Iran to stock pile heavy weapons on/in Israel.

My prediction is this......Iran has smuggled nuclear weapons into and around Israel. Dozens of small nukes easy to hide.

BUT, the country that detonates nukes first is going to get heat from the rest of the world.

So Iran is ready, just waiting on Israel to use bunker busting nukes.

Once the nuclear demon is released, all the nukes in Israel go off.

Both sides have their best and brightest. The amount of time both sides had to prepare is YEARS.

This gonna be a big war!
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