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Message Subject Rocket fired to Jeruaslem minutes after Ban-Ki Moon arrives in the city
Poster Handle MarkinAZ
Post Content
Funny you said that. I have a picture in my mind of Iranians assembling the components of a rocket and then shipping them into Gaza for final assembly before firing.

At all steps along the way - the Muzzies get so filled with hate and so excited by the prospect of killing more Jews that they cannot concentrate on what they're supposed to be doing. Hence they screw up both the components and the final assembly in the insane rage and hatred for the Jewish nation.

This - I believe is he real reason so many of these Iranian and Gaza assembled rockets are duds that cannot be controlled or steered to a target after launching. Israel's "Iron Dome" defense system will ignore any missile that is heading into the sea or into an unpopulated desert area. Why waste the money and shells to shoot down something that will do no harm anyway? The Israeli system is smart enough to know the trajectory of the missile instantly and make the decision to "take it down" or let it fall to earth someplace where it won't harm anyone.

I bet each time one of these Missiles 'duds out" there are crazed Muzzies all over Iran and Gaza just having pissing - their - pants-with-rage time and they still don' have any idea of WHY this is happening on such a regular basis!

This war would be over if Israel were only allowed to respond to a rocket attack from Hamas that actually caused damage.

seems like everything Hamas fires lands in a cattle field somewhere outside a city.
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