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Message Subject HPQ down 12%!!! HPQ revenue $30 billion, misses Exp. $30.41 billion!!! HP says Autonomy accounting fraud led to overvalue itself by over $5 BL!!!
Poster Handle waht
Post Content
Our World Is Unraveling: Ongoing Crises Will Worsen In 2013 And Combine Into A Gigantic Crash

[link to investmentwatchblog.com]
 Quoting: waht

I would agree with that, there are a lot of things coming into play right now for Jan 1, 2013. Rising taxes, Obamacare mandates, capital controls in the form of a 30% tax to people moving money to countries favored by expatriates, capital controls of cash availability, New Basel accords going into effect.

I think they are intentionally engineering a crisis of confidence in the currency and the system so that the BRICS, Europ, and the U.S.A can release currency backed by a basket of commodities. This release will be coordinated, valuations of the individual currency will be agreed too, and will be in response to a hyperinflationary event (a total loss of confidence in the system).

By the end of this crisis there will be a bank holiday, where you account will be slashed to reflect the deflated currency value, and you will be asked to turn in (just a guess here) $200 of your old fiat currency for $100 of the new commodity backed currency.

The evidence of timed capital controls, tax increases in the middle of an economic slowdown, Obamacare madates coming into effect, paper cash being drawn down to historically low levels, the Fed and other countries suddenly concerned with auditing and possibly repatriating their gold holdings around the world, the evidence of possible (at least partial) gold backing on the new Series 2013(?) $100 bill, new Basel Tier I adjustments to what may be used as "super" capital in bank accounting going into effect...

All of this leads me to one conclussion, they are getting ready for something big...
 Quoting: Saddletramp

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