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Subject December 21, 2012 - Thread - Post your thoughts about our fate....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So, I was watching the Learning Channel and they had a new video out about all the SAME predictions of this date.

One thing.. if the SHTF.... don't buy Christmas Gifts until after that date... just in case you need the money or if it is over... and we no longer need it... we can CREATE the REAL GIFTS From Mind... Smile.... LOL


My GREATEST VISION would NOT BE A PHYSICAL CHANGE... but an opening of ALL of our BRAINS to a new FREQUENCY WAVE...

Where perhaps what has been HIDDEN from us ALL is now revealed and there are no longer the SECRETS of two worlds...

Then, on EQUAL GROUND... we could all CREATE something GREAT..

Just think... what if MONEY was no longer the EXCHANGE... and our THOUGHTS were.... what instantly manifest... without the middle step.... now that would be great.

In this world.. we have way too many personalities and TOO MANY un-resolved QUESTIONS.. about this or that.

Just my thoughts...

What would you like the 12/21/12 be3 all about?

What would be your GREATEST Vision for ALL?

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