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Message Subject MSM openly ADMITS the CIA and FBI are READING your EMAILS!!
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
I know they read my emails, my chats, and phone conversations. Their black op choppers have shown up to chase the sightings we've had, (obviously not theirs), and more exotic crafts showed up when I reported in house contact, phone lines tapped. My friend and I talk in depth about these things and have pointed out that everything is monitored and asked him what the percentage was of people who discussed on a daily basis in chats the things we share from dreams to sightings, to astral, to world events. A lot less than 1%. Of course they kick him off his chat alot too.

If people responded the other way, but forcing them to work hard, and even if they weren't having unusual events in their life come to the surface, but just spoke up radically on many subjects, they'd have to give up sooner or later.

Overload them.

It should be a stripe of honor to get on their lists without doing or saying anything that is harmful to anyone or anything except their unlawful corrupt control structure.

If everyone is on their red list, it becomes kind of meaningless.
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