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Message Subject US embassy in Israel attacked by ISRAELI!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Of coarse there were political motives behind this! They are forcing the United States into this war! There will be no war without the United States. The state of Israel is in a state of deep shit. They are angry and they are scared at the thought that everyone around them is an enemy, although the Zionists are in control. They took out top Hamas leaders, which was the right move. But now they need to stop agitating the world, but be prepared for the worst. What is Israel going to do? Hit Iran? Then Russia their strongest ally in the region will they just sit and watch? No they even said they would protect their skies. Who will fight with Israel? The West obviously..but what I can tell you is that it will be an all-out offensive with Britain, Canada and the US with a combined NATO force with Israel that will target Iran and Syria and all relative threats in the area to restore peace. Why will it be WW3? RUSSIA! Who ever noted the 'end' of the cold war? This is the Devil's ultimate goal... deceit! Seriously... what is this really all over? There has to be troops on the ground to make sure the job is done. There will be a naval battle like Nostradamus said and there will be a lot of jets getting shot out of the sky.
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