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Message Subject US embassy in Israel attacked by ISRAELI!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hamas! Tensions are already so high with Israel over the whole Iran thing, and Hamas is dropping missiles on Israel left right and center. So they did the right thing by taking out those top leaders. But what a perfect way to start something bigger... tensions are so high someone will snap. And who is the Hamas working for? Common interest? Hamas has nothing to lose, and Palestine wants their own state. This was all planned from day one in Iraq to Libya to now until the end. And the States are in on it. But Israel now looks like the aggressor... they hardly are but that is the way in which the picture has been painted. So now the Middle East and East is 100% against Israel... there are less militants in IRAQ to support Syria and Iran... Egypt is now a member of the Muslim Brotherhood... everything is in place. Now the importance of this stupid thread? IT WILL ONLY TAKE ONE LITTLE THING TO START THIS WAR. What will it be? Maybe Hamas will bomb the American Embassy in Tel Aviv...
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