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Subject After 6 years trial, cop convicted of brutal killing. 50 cops at the trial cheer for him...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Fucking scumbags.

[link to mynorthwest.com]
Surveillance video shows a typical store scene, with Zehm walking over to the refrigerated soda section and a few other people at the counter.

A police officer bursts in. Within sixteen seconds of the officer entering the store, the cop encountered Zehm, whose back was initially turned to him. Twice the officer ordered Zehm to "drop the pop" and struck him with his police baton.

The officer never asked Zehm any questions. Never mentioned the ATM. He just started attacking, according to witnesses.

When Thompson was taken into custody, 50 fellow officers who were at the courthouse gave Thompson a formal "salute" - a clear sign of their loyalty to someone who had just been convicted of two felony crimes.

Fucking disgusting cops. Saluting a killer because he wears the same uniform. They are gang members, plain and simple.
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