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Message Subject * Heaven is for Real * boy saw Mary, Our Lord's mother....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Is she still a virgin, or did she finally get her some?
 Quoting: BRIEF

brief, this is not funny and speaks of your ignorance. She in fact had 8 more children after Jesus and Joseph was the father. All of those children except perhaps amos who died young, are listed in the bible.
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I must have skipped that chapter...what Bible are you reading?
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KJV it mentions mary's children in several places. but the christian thugs who interpret the bible refused to see what is plainly in their faces. The word brothers is even used and the dark thugs try to tell you they are maybe cousins. I have been with people who accept that in fact. James was one of his brothers and has at least one book accepted in the NT, OH and JUDE also. There are several Marthas in the bible, one of them is his sister, and he had a sister Ruth also
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There is no word for cousins so the word brother was used sometimes for relatives. Jesus having brothers or sisters is a misinterpretation of Scripture. Mary would
know, the Apostles who passed on the faith would know.

Mary is ever virgin.
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