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Message Subject * Heaven is for Real * boy saw Mary, Our Lord's mother....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Everyone is aware, can feel the change even if they don't say it. The Great Tribulation has started.

Our Lord gave humanity His mother to help everyone get
to Heaven. Believe in her help, speak to her in prayer.

+ + +

excerpt of October 3, 2012 message to..

Light of Mary

But before this, of this My Coming, each one of you in a very particular way will see yourself from within, you will see yourself in spirit and from it will emanate an abundant river that passes before the conscience of each one of you, showing you in its waters like a mirror, all the events of your life.

THEY WILL BE POWERFUL INSTANTS BUT NECESSARY SO THAT YOU DULY PREPARE YOURSELVES, SO THAT YOU BECOME AWARE OF THE OFFENSES COMMITTED TOWARDS ME AND TOWARDS MY MOTHER. Even so, there will be some of hard and strayed heart, who taken and attracted totally by what is worldly and sinful, will say that this event of the Warning has been a creation of man, they will deny it and will rise in an ostentatious life of sin.
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