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Message Subject Now almost 100,000 Fukushima kids with thyroid problems, parents concerned
Poster Handle Citizenperth
Post Content

yup.. 'all is well' the msm are not reporting so it's 'all good'
 Quoting: Citizenperth

Provide proof! All you have so far is goofy links.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28137914

do you need all the links on low dose radiation as provided by the cochrane committee to sooth your confusion?

do you need all of the links to all of the studies that provide evidence of the reality of the severity of the situation for the young?

ask away, and i will give them to you....
 Quoting: Citizenperth

I live in the same city as you, and i'm embarrassed with your comments and your links.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28137914

ok troll... expound and evidence then....

all you have offered is vaccumous nothing.... if you have evidence otherwise prove..

or.. STFU


obvious worry for the children is nil..... you have any?
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