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BREAKING - DNI cut "al Qaeda" reference and CIA, FBI signed off

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/20/2012 12:43 PM
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BREAKING - DNI cut "al Qaeda" reference and CIA, FBI signed off
of course.... blah blah blah blah

DNI cut "al Qaeda" reference from Benghazi talking points, and CIA, FBI signed off

"The points were not, as has been insinuated by some, edited to minimize the role of extremists, diminish terrorist affiliations, or play down that this was an attack," the official tells CBS News, adding that there were "legitimate intelligence and legal issues to consider, as is almost always the case when explaining classified assessments publicly."

"Most people understand that saying 'extremists' were involved in a direct assault on the mission isn't shying away from the idea of terrorist involvement," added the official. "Because of the various elements involved in the attack, the term extremist was meant to capture the range of participants."

[link to www.cbsnews.com]