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Pay the world bank to stop climate change

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 27998837
United Kingdom
11/20/2012 12:48 PM
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Pay the world bank to stop climate change
In a new study published by the World Bank, there is a call for “stepping up efforts” to meet the global carbon reduction levels to avert catastrophic consequences that would cause the planet’s temperature to rise an estimated 4 degrees Celsius before the end of the century.

Alarmists like Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, assert that lowering CO2 emissions must take place before the temperature threshold is crossed and “widespread crop failures and malnutrition and dislocate large numbers of people from land inundated by rising seas.”

Kim is trying to coerce sovereign nations to adopt UN mandates on carbon emissions by urging world leaders to become aggressive with eco-friendly planning in developing countries to offset their impact on the environment.

The threat of rising sea levels, a common tactic of eco-fascists, promises to limit the amount of fresh water access, cause drought and unbearable heat in areas not normally exposed to such extremes; as well as promote disease, while simultaneously reducing the amount of food accessible to the world’s population.

Rachel Kyte, vice president of sustainable development for the World Bank warns:

The kind of sea level rise we are talking about is going to make the process of urban planning and services to the poor absolutely fundamental. The race to heat resistant and drought resistant strains [of staple food crops] becomes fundamental.

In 2011, at the conference for the Carbon Initiative for Development, (CID) the focus of under-developed nations was first and foremost as the BioCarbon Fund (BCF) was discussed as a way to give those nations access to agriculture and energy with sustainability in mind. The BCF is setting the guidelines for countries like Moldova to purchase carbon credits in a scheme to force governments to tax citizens for breathing.

In conjunction with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the CID is seeking to convince African nations that they must strictly consider climate change and adopt measures to mitigate its effects on households and farming systems to increase productivity.

Since May of this year, corporations and foreign governments have been land-grabbing from third world nations to control agriculture.

Nations like Ethiopia, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone in Africa have been pressured into signing agreements with multi-national corporations and foreign investors, allowing corporate interests to control agricultural land. The nation’s leaders believe that giving access to their resources will benefit their people; however, this is just another manipulative ploy to coercively acquire control over land, food production and securitization.

The United Nations (UN) has enacted global guidelines on purchasing agricultural land from developing nations like Africa and Asia. The UN claims that to secure equality for the poor and disadvantaged, this international body must control their lands through the allowance of multi-national corporations and governments who will develop the land for agriculture and securitize the crop yields; thereby giving the UN control over the global food supply.