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Photos of Hybrid Animals Escaped from Dulce Base- The Miracles of Genetic Engineering

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11/20/2012 01:49 PM
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Photos of Hybrid Animals Escaped from Dulce Base- The Miracles of Genetic Engineering
Photos of Hybrid Animals Escaped from Dulce Base- The Miracles of Genetic Engineering

If you hear the name would be very surprised : “Why re- pig hybrid with monkeys it? ” It’s odd not to do . It is made even … more horror than you thought , here is the situation with face of monkey.

This bizarre pig origin Fengzhang village , Xiping township , China , it is an animal of the monkey face with bulging forehead , small eyes and the snout is very close. Especially, its front legs shorter than two feet after a lot of people making sure it is a monkey germ . the Animal has four brothers ( all very normal) in newborn pigs sows .
” It’s very scared and or avoid people. Just look at his eyes it can see how scared . Nobody will want to buy it lost because it looks weird , ” owner Feng Changlin told the Oriental Newspaper.

However , this pig makes Xiping village became famous , busy days and nights came and went just to take pictures and admire the exotic pig . The family members no longer see the abomination of this poor little pig . ” My son loves playing with it . It does not come near it , it’s even drink milk for this pig . ” – Ms. Feng said .

[link to www.scribd.com]

Monster face otter , boar presence

It is also an animal on the bizarre with the strange hybrid in longer , more unusual monkey pig face . This creature was discovered in the pool in the town Kitchanuhmaykoosib , Ontario , Canada . It has dark brown plumage, long , head , face, smooth legs , no feathers . Face of it the same boar with big nose and the dog bit like nose that is not the same boar was unmistakable .

Two nurses in the region have found this monster dog when they ‘re walking around the lake , their dog was barking constantly when they see strange smell rises from the lake , two nurses with the dog when it animal pulled up under the lake and found it very strange , they immediately took a picture of this monster again .

After this photo , two nurses rushed out of . When the local people back to where it found the animal had disappeared . strange creatures of unknown origin which makes people think of the Montauk Monster has been described above.

Strange creatures in Russia

This is a very strange creature . It is found in a ditch Russia. It looks very much like a fish drowning but actually they are not what they found with this species . With a long body tapering to tail with horizontal as still solid . But when they saw the first part of this worthy creature horror : the head of it as a thick shell crabs with embedded firm . If curiosity , or flip the hybrid solid sam this up and you will instantly … spiny leathery inside buildings by more than 20 little legs are moving.

The giant sea monster

A creature very very very … terrible had drifted on the coast of Guinea. This creature has limbs , a tail and fur … extremely long and terrible . On the back of this creature is also strange things like scales peel , black kit … With a wide mouth parentheses , it makes countless people fleeing panic .
The scientists , after considering the now concluded without any clue to identify its species .

Hell fish

They call this fish as hell make the face … its death . If you look at the area , fish face looks like a hell … Note trick . The body is quite personal hell with a skeletal brown scales . The fin of the fish it quite like normal , except that the back is a white, sharp, pointed objects , a bit like horns .
One thing unusual is that fish seem to hell than normal fish . Of course, what is the conclusion from scientists .

Creatures … unknown name

Here are a creature to say the most exotic creatures in all exotic. One can not determine the origin , the species do not even know it is the eyes, nose , mouth and if not where. Here’s a picture due to people walking on the beach and happened to see this creature from the sea to float . These … antennae or legs are constantly moving. strange white object that looks as if the oysters , scallop so.

Chupacabra monster ?

Chupacabra ( the Spanish means goat animal suck blood ) is a mysterious monster myth brought color . It is a horror for those people living in certain areas in the Americas and Puerto Rico .
But on 3/24/2010 , in the territory of the city of Suining , Sichuan province, southeast China , a people has been an animal very similar to the description of the Chupacabra .
The animal is gray , but other than the Chupacabra , it’s not easy , but aims to attack chickens . English flood bird call woke him Suying Ke , owner chickens . He saw an animal bite to eat meat is shredded chicken flood panic . He tried to chase Ke Suying strange beast with a stick but no success . Finally thanks to the help of neighbors, they were locked up in cage the beast .
The beast looks like mixed between mice , kangaroo and a dog with huge claws . It is about 60cm long , 30cm long tail Games . When villagers vegetables and meat to it , chew it voraciously . Everyone describes that it is extremely aggressive.
Most of the fur on it will fall only a few in the back and forelimbs . However , this mystery has been discovered . Daying Huazhen Kong office of Forestry , Sichuan has explained that this monster is a Chupacabra was albino civet fur , and fall off . Then people dropped it on the forest . Among the monsters in the monster here is only one explanation of the origin.

SOURCE [link to www.ewhoknow.com]