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Anonymous Coward
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11/20/2012 05:29 PM
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The source of life is Love. Love brings the fullness of life.

Life becomes real when man comes to know Love.

If man does not understand Love, he cannot understand life. If he does not understand life, he cannot understand time, in which life flows as a continuous process. And if he does not understand time, he will lose the musical rhythm of life and fall into a series of inharmonious conditions, which will cause him much unhappiness.

The greatest thing besides Love is life. Life is the fruit of Love. However, Love and life are not one and the same. In life there are two processes in constant action: one is the process of construction, and the other is the process of destruction.

In Love, these two processes do not exist. Love is something pure and unified. In life, however, there is differentiation.

Life without love has no meaning. Such a life is a chain of suffering, of successive fallings and resigns.

Life cannot manifest itself without Love.

There is no life without Love.

The first path of life is Love. In order to show that you are alive, you must love.

The meaning of life is in loving and being loved.

Life is the effort of the Spirit to manifest itself in the outer world, towards the periphery. When the Spirit manifests itself at the periphery and begins its work, we say that life is manifested in its elementary state, as temporary life.

Temporary life is only a shadow of life, or the smallest projection of the totality of Life.

Eternal Life contains infinite possibilities. It has within itself all the conditions necessary for wise growth.

We understand the totality of Life to be the Great Universal Soul, which manifests itself throughout all of living nature.

Our souls are parts or limbs of this Great Soul.

In order that the great principle of Life be manifested, it must take on some form corresponding to its aspiration and movement. Aspiration is the inner intelligent urge and movement is its physical expression.

However, Life does not manifest itself in only one form, but in an endless multitude of forms. When several forms unite and create a larger form, we say that this life is wisely organized. Then all the forms aspire to give manifestation to this higher form.

Life never ends; it continues eternally.

Its outer forms are subject to destruction, but Life continues forever. Nothing can annihilate it: Life is mightier than death.

Life is free, intangible, continuous. It never ceases. It constantly flows in and out. And if Life does not enter in and flow out, man cannot unite with his surroundings.

The Life that is within us is perfect.

Pleasures, passions, incorrect thoughts and emotions limit the natural manifestation of Life.

Life can only be good. There is no bad life. When it is said that Life must be improved, that is an incorrect idea. In its essence, Life is neither good nor evil. There may be admixtures in life, but it becomes neither better nor worse. Life flows from God and returns to Him. Therefore, in its essence, Life is absolutely pure.

The changes that enter into Life cause the evil results. Then we speak of worldly life, of spiritual life, of temporary and eternal life.

But Life in itself is neither worldly nor spiritual.

When the animal nature predominates in man, then life becomes worldly. And when the wise nature predominates in him, life becomes spiritual, for the life in man is distinguished from the life in other beings by its intelligence.

The word Life, in fact, means intelligence. Where there is no intelligence, there is no Life. Where there is intelligence, even in its weakest manifestation, there is also life.

Intelligent Life is immortal life, life without suffering and torture.

This Life, in fact, is the lot of man's soul. This Life has no confusion, but constant activity.

Life in itself is a unity.

Physical life, spiritual life, and divine life are three great manifestations of the Undivided Life.

These three kinds of life differ in their natures, in their objectives, and in their aims.

Physical life is constantly changing and modifying. It is the life of the surface of the water, of the waves of the sea.

Spiritual life is being modified, but it does not change. It is the life of the depths of the sea.

Divine life neither modifies nor changes.

All these manifestations of life are closely connected with one another. They are parts of one whole, of the complete Unlimited Life.

In order for a man to understand Life and thus to be useful to himself and to others, he must begin with physical life and gradually pass to spiritual and divine Life.

He who does not love physical life can have no relation to light, because the energy of light is stored up in the physical world - in plants and in fruits.

The health of physical life begins with the correct use of light stored up in plants and fruits. In short, it begins with correct eating.

Food is the introduction to physical life, as music is the introduction to spiritual life, and as prayer is the introduction to divine life.

Life is a treasure which must be carefully guarded.

Guard it with Wisdom, and allow the true knowledge which proceeds from it to be its protection.

Allow it to flow freely from its sublime source - Love.

Enlighten it with Truth, which is the realm of absolute intelligence. Enlighten it with Truth, which gives freedom to life in all directions.

Because Life has its dawn, its sunrise, and its noon.

The dawn of Life is Love.

The sunrise of Life is Wisdom.

The noon of Life is Truth.

Bring your life to its dawn! Bloom! Rise, stand on your feet, and feel that you are related to all beings on earth and in heaven.

Bring your life to its sunrise! Blossom and bear fruit!

Bring your life to its noon! Ripen!

And when you rise to the noon of your life, you will understand its great meaning and taste the goodness of its fruit.

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

King Julian The Boy Prophet

User ID: 28153021
United States
11/20/2012 05:33 PM
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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1457378
United States
11/20/2012 05:45 PM
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