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Smart Meter Dangers...

Father Nature
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11/20/2012 05:45 PM
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Smart Meter Dangers...
The Health Hazards of Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure From Smart Meters...

Over the past two years, there has been mounting medical and scientific evidence of the grave biological dangers to humans from so-called “Smart” Meters exposure that are being installed by the hundreds of thousands all over North America and Europe. Scientists have been documenting the EMF/RF exposure effects for decades. However, it is only in the last two years, with the constant wireless electromagnetic radiation exposure to these new meters, that other medical evidence (down to the cellular level) has been reported. In the US, there has never been a mandate to force these utility meters on millions of unsuspecting people. There has been no Precautionary Principle used, while corporate greed has abounded. another doVarious utility companies have not told their customers of the dangers. What they told their customers about these new meters was that it would update the grid and help them control individual usage.stir Customers have not been told about the serious health problems that these RF pulsing meters cause. We have been given no informed consent to this dangerous but invisible exposure.

...please follow link for more on Smart Meter Dangers:
[link to fathernatures.ca]
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Father Nature
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