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United States
11/21/2012 02:36 AM
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About 10 months ago i had a dream of me and 7 other people wearing military uniforms traveling on a pontoon boat across the mississippi river near ST. Louis. In my dream there were mist in the sky and no noise and no civilians. As we were crossing I saw a blue orb colored object that was hovering over the water with weird propulsion technology. "I don't know if it was ours or some other military" but very advanced!! In a split second the object from like 400 yards away caught on to us and shot a blue propulsion weapon at us. We fell back into the water barely making it from the blast. From there we were hiding underneath swamp trees roots when the object"UFO" passed us and flew away. Later We traveled on foot through the woods crossing from west to east across the mississippi. We found an abandoned barn in a field and decided to take shelter there when out of the blue. NO LIE ON THIS..
The presidential helicopter came down out of no where and brung president obama inside cause he was hurt. So we placed him in the back of the barn in ahidden place with us surrounding the barn. After a couple of minutes I saw a blue light through the barn wood that suddenly tore through the backside of the barn and took obama. Thats all I remember from my dream and wish I could remember more.. So if this interest you or you have a recollection story near this, please reply..
The truth is out there! Now let's fight for it if its not given to us ;)