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Message Subject Indianapolis Explosion: They boarded the cat, but where are the Harleys?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I also find it suspicious that the "white van" was in the driveway the day of the explosion as a TV was being moved.

So.... the homeowners were not present when two mysterious men moved a TV from the house.

I wonder what else these two mysterious men ( who were probably Mark's brother and Mark Gill - former partners in crime) were moving from the house.

I wonder what information Mark or Monserat gave to police to explain why a TV was being removed from house (with Mark's white van) when Mark was not present and supposedly at a casino.

I would be curious to know what vehicle was driven to the casino ( perhaps a car Monserat owns). It is too cold to ride a Harley packed with three days of clothes to be appropraitely worn for gambling.

As for sleuthing.... we need Abbey from NCIS. She would have this figured out in no time!
 Quoting: Lisa From Indiana 27999563

I have heard that Monserrate and Mark drove separate vehicles to the casino that night.

This website has some of the best information on the blast
[link to getthetruthout.icyboards.net]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1637231

Why would they drive separate vehicles unless they both needed cars and did not want them in the explosion.

I read where there were supposedly had two expensive Harleys in the garage that have not been mentioned in the debris.
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