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Message Subject Indianapolis Explosion: They boarded the cat, but where are the Harleys?
Poster Handle scorpio66
Post Content
I did see that investigators were reviewing the photos from the previous home real estate listing when they had the house on the market this spring. The pictures showed the home furnished so they are trying to determine if anything major is not accounted for in the debris.

Also, the "white van" belongs to Mark Leonard himself - his brother and friend seem to be the suspects seen in the van at the home a few hours before the explosion (turning on the gas, probs). They confiscated the van at a deserted hotel parking lot and the 2 folks picked up yesterday are the brother and friend.

In one of the comments on of the local news sites, someone mentioned that he was suspected of stealing some other lady's harley but that's all I've seen about the harleys. She did have a harley jacket on in her first interview. She also said she only had the clothes in her suitcase. I can't imagine they didn't move some baby pictures and mementos at the very least.
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