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Message Subject Indianapolis Explosion: They boarded the cat, but where are the Harleys?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
Live-in boyfriend, Mark Leonard, still maintained a dating profile on POF (Plenty of Fish) where he has profile pictures of himself on a Harley Davidson.

I also read somewhere else that Monserat Shirley rode motorcycles, too.

As a former Harley owner, I know owners take extra precaution with their motorcycles. If this explosion was a pre-meditated act, then Mark may have removed his Harley to another location, or hid it in a self-storage unit ( with other items they may have wanted to protect from explosion).

I say if Harley parts are not found in the explosion rubble, then you definately have located your criminal(s).
 Quoting: Lisa From Indiana 27999563

This is awesome that you are thinking like this. Please try and reach out to the detectives investigating this case.

You are a natural-born sleuth, high five at ya.cool2
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27352798

Hey Lisa from Indiana!
Interesting logic. Only problem being, that when
folks are what you call "Live-in-Boyrfriends" they
ususally DON'T TRUST THE NEW LOVER with something
as valuable as a Harley! He's probably got his own
residence--maybe the "trailer park" where they
arrested some "persons of interest" in the investigation.

I've been running a thread since the night the
explosion happened on GLP.

Thread: UHOH..."Big-Wig" Resignations....a 12-3-12 "CODE" in Deep Impact & CALIF Quake? (Page 6)
My immediately "hinky"--SINCE COINCIDENTALLY I HAD
"DEEP IMPACT!" was that this was a METEOR FRAGMENT
that came down (or had been SHOT DOWN BY MILITARY)
in several pieces on this neighborhood.
This "hit" wasn't big enough to cause a CRATER
....but one of the posters on my thread said
the "kenetic energy" (from velocity of mass) would
be large enough to cause a blast.

Also, Lisa, I had a UTUBE video from one of the
neighbors that night that actually captured ON THE
TAPE a green meteor flying in the background even
as the firefighters were fighting the fires!
IT was odd to see this thing just fly over like
nobody even notices it...it's bright enough that
the people filming said: "What's that
GREEN THING?" (The UTUBE video was mysteriously
taken down the next day....which I find pretty
suspicious....like it's being covered-up!)

I'm just keeping an open mind on this, even with
FOX NEWS wanting to point fingers and blaim people
who may have just been ordinary people caught in
an "Act of God"--a meteor hit. It's all just very
"fishy" to me--and I don't think that just
letting several people become "collateral damage"
so that the investigation can be closed is fair.
Just sayin.....

 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

I do agree that some things do not add up.

FYI I did see the video ( that is now removed) which showed the "green flare". I am not sure how this fits into the current theory of a remote or pre-planned denotation of gas.

FYI I was divorced for several years and was "conned" by a ruthless person on a particular dating website. I am not saying the Monserat is guilty of this act, but it is quite suspicious that the cached dating site feedback said that Mark Leonard scammed vulnerable women out of money, and that he and his friend, Mark Gill were previous partners in crime. She also stated that Mark could be responsible for another gas explosion were insurance money was paid in the past.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27999563

There is a REASON why certain things ARE and ARE NOT
permissible as EVIDENCE in a court of law. Do you know
what they are?

The references you are making, like "dating sites" and "facebook sites" are perfect examples of NOT
ADMISSIBLE evidence under the law (that is
unless this is a "witch hunt" and they are actually
going to rig this whole thing against this couple!)

Think about it. If the military was involved in this--
Eye witnesses report seeing Department of Homeland
Security vehicles in the city HOURS BEFORE THE
EXPLOSION.....They also report seeing military
helicopters over that area BEFORE THE EXPLOSION.

Military/DHS have major controls in place with internet information. ANYTHING can be generated now...including
pictures of people doing things or being places which are
TOTALLY photo-shopped. Remember Forest Gump? Do you think that TOM HANKS actually MET JOHN F. KENNEDY...or that he
participated in the Wallace campaign of 1969? Both those
scenes with him at the Selma School crowd LOOK AND
SOUND EXACTLY like the nightly news and Fox reports!Common...
ALL of what they are presenting....with the exception of
the gas meter (which can ALSO BE RIGGED!) is circumstantial
and will NOT get a conviction against Shirley or her
boyfriend. Please stop slandering these people before
you really know the FACTS about what happened that night.
It's just adding to the "feeding frenzy" to find a
PATSY for the fires!

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