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Message Subject Indianapolis Explosion: They boarded the cat, but where are the Harleys?
Poster Handle scorpio66
Post Content
FYI I just heard about the Harleys!

Evidently, they had two expensive Harleys stored away from the house. Money was tight, and Monserat was close to filing bankruptcy, why do you spend hundreds on a weekend at Casino and boarding your cat, and spend probably $80 per month on a self storage unit to house your Harleys when there is room for them in your garage.

And why two expensive Harleys anyway when money was tight.... most Harleys cost at least $15,000 if they are newer, depending on the make, and year.
 Quoting: LisaDiane

I also saw that they found the *hood of her Cadillac and they are cruising around in some kind of SUV now. Really living beyond their means by a long shot. I think this guy really did a number on her but who knows, maybe she's the mastermind.

Regarding the bankruptcy, from what I've seen she (and I think her ex but not for sure on that part) were in a Chapter 13 that got dismissed this spring for non-payment. I think there's a waiting period to re-file but maybe she met that condition.

Anyway, they really couldn't have provided a better trail that leads right back to them no matter what direction you go if they tried. I mean really. How could they possibly appear any guiltier?

Pretty sure the investigators are letting them sweat awhile at this point.

*could this still unexplained mystery photo with the bat symbol be the hood of her caddy?

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