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Who do you take side with?

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11/21/2012 11:14 AM
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Who do you take side with?
Those making it a mission to collect clusters of 3 green thumbs, these works from my website are approved by SHR of GLP for publishing of FULL content. Please do not waste the mods time by making copyright infringement reports on them. See the end of the post for link and details. Thankyou. NIP

By Papa Source thru Kibo
Nov 22, 2012 - 11:48:01 PM

BROADCAST 0X8X1XI Nov 21, 2012 thru Kibo
Thus saith The Lord God (Papa Source)






You all exist as part of My consciousness

My thought of you in all things

As I experience all things.

An experience of experiences

In a universe of universes

And more

Far beyond your comprehension.

Know that there are universes, galaxies, systems, planets, civilizations

Far older and grander than yours

Ye ones are not the center of the universe

Nor are you the center of reality

Nor the center of My full attention

For I give My full attention to all as one.

You live on a small planet that spins and orbits on the edge of your local system

Which is on the edge of your constellation system

Which is on the edge of your major system

Which is on the edge of your universe

Which is on the edge of your superuniverse

Which is the last of seven superuniverses

Yet you think

That what you think about things

Means more than what the rest of your universe thinks AND KNOWS.

For truly you know little of nothing

Of the works of your surroundings

Yet presume yourselves to be important to the whole of creation….but why?

What is your singular distinction in all of creation

That ye should feel so favored?

Know ye not that ye are known far and wide

As the planet that murdered God?

He bestowed Himself upon you to show you the way of the Father Source and Center of All

And you nailed Him to wood and watched Him give His Spirit back to The Father

Asking forgiveness for you in your ignorance….and that is what you celebrate

You celebrate the sacrifice of the cross

And ignore the decision of the cup

Where the God and Creator of your universe

Gave and submitted His Will

To the Father of all things

You, who claim to be His followers, yet cannot seem to find His footsteps

Can you say that you have done the same?

He gave you the way of peace

Of love and light

And life eternal



You insist on acting like the ignorant children of old

Ye follow the scriptures designed for you

Corrupted by the tribe of Satan

Minions of the Anunnaki

[who came to the light, unlike their former minions]

I, even I

And the same Son of God that you murdered

Have sent to you Uriel

To declare MY Will for peace

The Will of My Christ Son, for peace

And still you clamor for war

Thinking that it will please Me

And bring about My Will







And claim that prophecy

Given to thee as warnings

That ye may be able to change

Are written in stone and cannot be changed

And so you think My Will is for you to blindly accept what you are told from without, from your preachers and priests and rabbis and imams. You have no faith in or within yourselves and so you hold faith in men and refuse to believe that you and I are with and within each other as one.

It is better to believe in Me than to believe in men or nobles, or popes or politicians. Yet you stubbornly limit yourselves to being physical beings blindly stumbling through your attempts to understand spiritual experiences. When, in reality, you are spiritual beings of My consciousness, having a perception of physical experience for the purpose of training and learning to achieve the perfection I have promised you and the Christhood that comes with it.

You insist that Uriel must be a demon because he comes in the last days and speaks not of Glory to Me or to the one you call Jesus. Know ye not His true name? Esu Immanuel in Christ Michael of Nebadon. Yet if our Archangel came to you by His true name, ye would reject him even more than you do now. Know that in doing My Will and delivering the message that I willed to be delivered, he does indeed, glorify Me.

You ask, ‘Why this one?” Why not? Who are you to say who is who and what is what? You would prefer that I sent him to you? Believe me, I have tried. But your hearts and minds are closed and limited and will accept nothing less than your own programmed, processed beliefs. I understand why you do what you do concerning these times, but know that, in this day and age, your understanding should have increased and expanded to include the greater reality of which you are a part. You act as if you are the only civilization in existence that knows of God and serves Him and anything else is suspected of being demonic when quite the opposite seems to be true to the many thousands of truly civilized worlds and civilizations that have found the glory of God within themselves and have acted accordingly to live in love and light, in obedience with My Will and the Will of their Universe Sovereign and Creator. They have evolved far beyond your understanding from your small limited perceptions of life, eternal and infinite and so they have come here in service to aid you in your struggle to be free from the great evil that lives among you and controls the illusory matrix that, laughingly, you call civilization….and you call them demons, as well….

You kill each other in My name and expect Me to choose a side, whatever is your side, against all others, when such evil is against My Will.

Ye have yet to learn how to love each other as yourselves…can you truly say you love Me?

The anti-christ that you fear, yet anticipate and have been taught to desire in coming so that you may see the final days fulfilled, has been among you all this time. You think that it is just one person, when it is simply a figurehead for a people that own and control you and every aspect of your lives except the Divine Life of God Within You. There, they cannot touch you, but few have found this station of rest and replenishing….instead you have foolishly done as you have been taught to do….refrain from evolving spiritually and ridiculing and attacking all those that have. So be it.

Ye have been told that the sword has been held high and now it is on the way down. Ye laugh at our delaying, without thinking that it has all been for your sakes, that you may yet see and hear within and finally see and hear the true reality that surrounds you…..all have been called yet all too few have answered the call and fewer still have done the work needed to be chosen. I care not for what you think of yourselves in your arrogance, thinking that your affiliation with this religion or that group will save you. You are all spirit and your present, physical circumstances are but covering for your real selves while you struggle to work out the declining cycles of your karmic accounts. Black has been white, Palestinians have been Zionists and vice versa. Rich and poor have been poor and rich. Masters have been slaves and slaves have been masters. You have, in every way, been each other, but without the inner wisdom of divine communication, without an open, inner mind and heart, you will always concentrate upon your separation and differences instead of what unifies you in ME.

I unify all things in Myself as one. I AM HERE AND NOW. Do not look for me way back then, as you do in justifying yourselves for refusing to evolve your understanding of circumstances and events among people of an even more limited understanding that you. Do not overly concern yourselves with the future except to take each moment in What I Am and work together with ME as WE create the future together. If you cannot make such a leap of consciousness in faith and goodwill as to better effect Our relationship and more, interactive co-creation, then please try your best to act and be in love, with ME, as I love you infinitely and eternally, and with yourself and each other, that this world may finally see and realize peace and abundance, for in the future, only those that can be and do, act in and know this way, will be My Faith Children on Earth/Gaia, grown up and graduated, and given stewardship of this world ascended.

Heed the voice, the mind and the heart of The Father Within you and know that therein, is also the voice of The Son and The Holy Spirit, in the Trinity as you know it.





[link to abundanthope.net]

This piece is under copyright protection of [link to www.abundanthope.net] It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thankyou, Candace.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/21/2012 11:23 AM
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Re: Who do you take side with?
I could summarize this post for you.

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 Quoting: !saac

I'd rather him who would take ownership of it, they any other dog on this forum.

Everyone is equally worthless. At least OP takes ownership.