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Why the United States should learn from Palestinians...buncha hypocrites.

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United States
11/21/2012 11:32 AM
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Why the United States should learn from Palestinians...buncha hypocrites.
All day long I'm hearing the Israeli mantra chanted. "They have to protect themselves! What would the United States do if foreign nationals were lobbing rockets on our cities!?"

Think of how redundant that sounds. Okay, lets see how the United States compares to Israel and Palestinian conflict.

Before I begin, please be aware that I know the facts of how Israel stole their land with US help. I know that we send Israel over a billion dollars per year...which built there missle dome nonsense. I know that Israel is the highest offender of human rights per the UN. I know that they have neglected to follow any settlement treaty by building new settlements in land already owned by the Palestinians. I know they treat the Palestinians the same as Hitler treated them.

I am not anti Israel or anti American. However, Im open minded enough to see outside what the mainstream pushes down my throat. I dont allow dogs to pee on my leg and tell me its just raining. What follows is just common sense, nothing else.

March 12, 2010. mysantonio.com
"Mexican military helicopter hovers over US homes near the Rio Grande"

March 31,2010. pro8news.com
"Mexican military helicopters buzz residents in Zapata"

May 17,2010. valleycentral.com
"Mexican military helicopter scares US residents. Thousands call 911"

September 5,2011 mysanantonio.com
"Residents fire shots at Mexican military helicopters that buzz homes" One resident says this is a weekly occurance.

Those are only a drop in the bucket of stories related to incursions by a foreign military on US soil...or airspace...same thing really. I remember reading of Mexican soldiers actually getting into a firefight with border patrol, but cant find that story off hand.
You can dismiss these as accidents, or some other excuse, so I'll move on to more important things.

The source for what follows is wnd.com. I realize some of you will disregard this just because of the source...however, this thread will deal with only the facts in that report as verified by a second reputable source. So there should be no issues here.
In 2006, Iowa congressman Steve King released his findings of a two year long investigation into illegal aliens and their impact on American society. Here is some of what that study found:

Illegal aliens MURDER 4,380 American citizens per year. Thats 12 innocent men,women, and childred DEAD per day at the hands of an illegal foreign national.
Took me a minute to get beyond that staggering number, but it gets far worse I assure you.
After the illegal foreign nationals murder 12 citizens, another 13 of us will die from being in a car accident TODAY due to an illegal Mexican fuck driving drunk! Then, since they have no insurance, youll have to pay for everything yourself and then pay a higher premium. YAY!!
Pissed off yet? If not, you will be....

So after these illegal pieces of trash kill 25 US citizens today, they rape 8 children...PER DAY.
That comes directly from the violent crimes institute in Atlanta. They said there are 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders living in the United States right now. Each have an average of EIGHT victims EACH.

If you arent seething with anger quite yet, perhaps this will open your eyes.
In 2005, the Government Accountability Office released the following in a report:
They studied 53,322 illegal assholes who were currently in federal prison. They averaged 8 arrests apiece for a total of 460,000. Remember, thats only a small portion of the current illegal population housed in other facilities like state prisons.

It costs the US taxpayer $42,143 per YEAR to house an inmate in Federal Prison. Im too pissed off to do the math, but we gotta be spending a bajillion bucks a year to house these foreign nationals after they MURDER and RAPE innocent American citizens.

As this is written, according to uscensus.gov, there are over 12MILLION illegal MEXICAN nationals living in the US. 71.1 percent of them are on some sort of welfare.

So, lets compare what exactly the US does when facing far more dire circumstances concerning foreign nationals killing innocent citizens.

Much like Israel encroaches on territory which is not theirs, Ive proven Mexican foreign nationals do the same by hovering military helicopters over US homes.
As Israel encroaches, Palestinians with nothing left to lose, lose it, and fire random rockets down on their aggressor. Perhaps killing a couple people, but more times than not, they land harmlessly in the desert.

In the meantime, we here in the US tolerate the MURDER of 25 innocents per DAY by Mexican nationals. Just for good measure, they RAPE 8 innocent children per DAY as well.

I hear of no rapes committed by Palestinians on Israelis. If there were, Im sure they wouldnt be housed in a nice prison with free food and cable television at the taxpayers expense.

Yeah...I think the United States could learn a thing or three from the Palestinians. At least they have the testicular fortitude to FIGHT BACK. Not only fight back, but fight against all odds.

So the next time you ask someone "Well, what would the United States do if rockets were raining down?" You'll be able to show them this thread and learn we do nothing.

Whether its a bomb, gun, knife, or a car...MURDER is MURDER.

Its even worse in the United States though because after they murder and kill, they are decimating this country financially as well. Decimating.

Sure sounds like terrorism to me. Just wonder when the government will worry about our borders as much as they worry about Israels. Pfft, fuck Israel, fuck Palestine. Israel just HAD to have that area, let her deal with the consequences of her own actions. Just because they went through a Holocaust 70 years ago doesnt give them carte blanche to be assholes to anyone because of it. Noone cares anymore....deal with it and move on fer cryin out loud.

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Iamtheone (OP)

User ID: 24436351
United States
11/21/2012 06:31 PM
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Re: Why the United States should learn from Palestinians...buncha hypocrites.
Damn. I thought this thread would get a few replies.

Sigh...ignorance is bliss, I have no bliss.

Posted a thread yesterday concerning the World Freedom Report 2012

Was how America ranks against the world in freedom. Overall, 18th.

In 4 out of the 5 criteria scored, the US placed no better than 31st and in one case (size of government) placed 101 out of 144.

Know who scored better in every category? Those pesky Muslim nations that supposedly have no freedom.

Countries like Syria, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, beat the beacon of freedom in at least one of the five categories presented. Qatar got 3 out of 5 higher.
UAE beat the US on every one.

In fact, in the top 20...meaning countries with more overall freedoms...

2 are middle east Muslim countries. 15 are either Communist or Socialist. The rest are Democracies.

All Democratic countries scored in the bottom 40% when it came to their Legal system and Property rights. Also scored in bottom 10% when it came to ability to trade internationally and sound money. America was only Democracy in top 50 when it came to sound money. 7Th overall behind Slovakia, Portugal, Belgium, and get this...Romania.

Know how many views its had in 36 hours? Not one.

Both of these threads seem to be more important than the newest Nibiru thread, but what do I know.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1138063
United States
11/21/2012 06:38 PM
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Re: Why the United States should learn from Palestinians...buncha hypocrites.