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User ID: 20114805
United States
11/21/2012 12:34 PM
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PROBABLY NOT! With all the wars in the world and all the chaos I felt like making a thread to remind people that war is not all that exists in the world. Why seek out destruction, just think how many children have been torn to pieces by the bombs in the middle east. What is wrong with us? I think people are smart apes who care for nothing other then there own personal comfort. What is the war in the middle east even about? What are the reasons to blow people to bits and risk nukes being launched? I just want to leave this planet, entirely actually maybe move to mars? Idk. Will it ever end? It has been constant war and death from the beginning. Has the world become evil? Are we just and evil race of orcs? I cried the other day cause I realized our country is falling apart......... Talk of civil war.......... My god how corrupt can it get?! How many trillions of dollars can they pour into death and war alone? "its funny when it rains it pours, they got money for wars but can't feed the poor?"-T.

User ID: 27213312
United States
11/21/2012 12:42 PM

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A nice thought Gypsy.

User ID: 30108412
United States
12/24/2012 12:58 AM
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Hmmm.. strangely I agree with you.peace

Although I still don't like you.

Now i'm really not sure if i like you. You yell at people for being paranoid the world is "Changing", "ending", Or "whatever" using worthless profanity. THEN you write things like this, that i agree with.

I really don't like being accused of someone who "thought" the world is ending, just because I didn't like the way you came about it by nasty name calling, and dribble that a robber would use in a bank hold up.poop

But you accused me of being a apocalypstard, when in reality, I just didn't like the way you were pushing your point through profanity? Whos gonna listen to you with all that negativity and low energy language? shark

you didn't yell in this thread.. and you made a nice point. Whats going on with you? Are you ok? verysad

Compounded in deception, and secrets covered in truth.
Left behind, lost in a world of false hope and reality. Wondering spiritually… with never a clear point of direction. Why on earth would you allow your own sacred perceptions to the vibration of cowardly existence? How can the physical limitations not keep the presence of this connection from manifesting into your very own existence? In a physical reality,this is past the point of anything possible. My energy is taking over my every physical instinct, past the point of third dimensional realization. Can one simply “be” in another reality feeling the same frequencies as another source, and cease to find solitude in anything third dimensional? I have yet to conquer the merely simple material happiness. I was never able to absorb the code within the harmony of achieving the things that co-exist with the third dimension. I don’t expand and flow with things I can see in an obvious delusion of perceptions. I can only connect with the perceptions that over-ride any material manifestation. That connection is found with only one, Is it you I seek within the balance of my eternity? ~Aiya~

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