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why all religions are false and leading to death

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/21/2012 01:57 PM
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why all religions are false and leading to death
alright, Im not gonna spout new ageism or anything else, just my own personal meditations on this subject.

EVERY religion has been subverted to equal government, economic, and overall spiritual control of people all over the world. From hinduism and islam to christianity and everywhere in between.

some of them preach against the idea of incarnation and reincarnation. some of them, such as hinduism, preach complacency and not changing the status quo - even with ideas of reincarnation prominent - hindus themselves view buddha as a reincarnation, but claim he is false and not to follow him. this is proof of this - they dont want you to be free of this system, because if you are, all the powers in the world have no control over you and your brothers.

the ones preaching against incarnation, reincarnation, and any REAL spiritual activity are trying to keep you in the box even moreso. but it doesnt matter really, as long as you are kept away from changing the status quo.

once these ideas were about coming together, discussing politics, wars, ideas, theology, and science amongst one another in a holy minded communion with each other - speaking for and against subjects related to your immediate community, governance, and national/international subjects.

instead of preaching to god, or getting into a mindless trance, it is important to trance out, focus on issues and thoughts and ideas, and discuss them.

its not about saying YOU ARE SAVED YAYYY HAPPY TIEMS.

its about discussing knowledge we have, how to implement it, and whether to implement it, using wisdom. issues like war, nuclear power, taxes, EVERYTHING that affects us, how to deal with it, change it, and make it work according to ourselves and nature.

by denying incarnation of various sorts, ANY sort of messiah, ANYONE trying to work to change the status quo is deemed a heretic so there is no following him, they are killed if they have any real power because it would be too much of a threat.

this is why they killed jesus, and after people STILL kept preaching the truth, leaving rome for communal living in accordance with nature and REBELLING against human government, rome HAD TO HIJACK THE FAITH and say NOBODY ELSE WAS COMING.

they had to say "believe in jesus and nobody else ever, or else HELL!"

the scriptures at the time and conventional wisdom DID NOT PREACH THIS.

the ENTIRE BIBLE is fallacy, written by and for sinners who want their own way to heaven. they keep what they view as the "good stuff" for themselves, and preach complacency to the public so that the public will not rebel, search for the truth, will not say "NO! a savior is here and he DOES NOT SUPPORT YOUR GOVERNMENT!"

for then it is they who would die, and their centuries old generational goal would be over. something they have committed in their hearts higher than any other covenant or agreement. they would sooner betray all they promised to protect than let that this goal die.

if you deny all other protectors and saviors than jesus, you deny even short term help for yourselves.

Im not saying that everyone is the direct son of god, or everyone coming to do good is god.

but there are lots of prophets, and all of us beyond race, border, and religion are sons of god.

to say anything else is to encourage tyranny and eugenics.

people will cling to the teachings they were given though, because nobody wants to accept personal responsibility!!!!

only those accepting personal responsibility will have any chance of being saved. it doesnt matter what words you have taken in. it doesnt matter what leaders you follow.

for ALL religions are mystery schools, as are all governments the world over at this point.

there is an in and an out crowd, and let me tell you, YOU are not in the in crowd. period. You never will be - the only people who moved into it were during revolutions in the past, where the upper middle class moved to the upper class.

but you must realize that ALL the teachings are false.

Including the teachings followed by those at the top. they believe they have a monopoly on truth, and in fact, may have a lot of it hidden from us, but the real truth is they cant truly accurately understand it, even if they have it.

what is going to be is going to be regardless of what they do, and every step they take is a step backwards from their true goal, which can never be achieved.

You can never destroy the HOLY SPIRIT OF MAN. it cannot be done. sure, you can flouridate the waters, distract men and stupidify them, but you cannot remove freethinking and good intent from everyone. You cannot confuse and lie to everyone, because someone will always question that authority when it is in mans hands. and it is THAT man who will be saved. thats why there will be 2 in the field and 1 chosen.

the sheep of the world are NOT the sheep of the Shepard. these two ideas are separate ideas of what a sheep is.

a sheep in society follows other men, never questions, has given up his free will authority and ability to think in general.

a sheep of the Shepard is just someone who refuses to follow the false leaders and ideas of the world, and rather follows the holy spiritual voice within themselves -- something Im not sure everyone really has anymore, or at least has direct access to.

for our whole lives have been lies, as have that of our ancestors, so by following the lies of the past and finding comfort in them, there is no truth.

and let me tell you, as the end draws nigh there isnt time for these false teachings of comfort anymore.

this is how god knows his people. through their hearts, minds, and souls, not by uttering the words of a name and asking for salvation. Salvation comes by works indeed, but not works of the individual alone, it comes by works leading to the divine purpose, the same one jesus first came to accomplish.

for the BIG sins in the world are caused by our governance, false teachings, and lies in high places. even in your churches, who were subverted by rome to become the harlot - the harlot is such because it accepts everyone and denies law. it says "you have no responsibility, ask and you are forgiven" while taking pagan teachings and spreading them in thinly, veiled by the small amount of truth they allowed to get through.

and part of your soul/spirit will read these words and be like "YES! I remember the time of giants and the fallen ones!"

but this is a lie containing only partial truth - by denying incarnation and WHERE divine knowledge such as the feelings of the holy spirit come from truly, they say half truths which the memory and feeling of deja vu ALLOW to be accepted as full truths.

for you CANT remember every facet of generational knowledge, only archetypal images, feelings, ideas. Knowing this it is easy to get man to see and feel this divine presence without the true knowledge or wisdom to interpret it.

it puts the ability to interact with that wisdom, obtain it, and interpret it into the hands of select few, who hold in secret the real ancient teachings preventing anyone from ever interrupting THEIR will being done on earth.

and let me tell you, soon there will not be incarnations anymore. soon there will be direct interference because this system has become hopeless to change.

nobody remembers the point of life, few even realize how far we have been led astray, and NOBODY WANTS TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

in fact, as time goes on, less and less people try, less and less people think. everyone just goes on to accept the status quo, and times when people questioned it are looked down upon highly.

they tell you what to think, what to believe! right now, the cia is both PUSHING mainstream religion AND new age religion.

and you know why? because both are false teachings, and put you into a state of complacency - waiting either for you to become god yourself (laughable) or for your long awaited savior to return.

the commonality is that YOU will not act to make your desired reality reality, instead allowing them to do whatever they want UNTIL that happens.

this is pure idiocy. Jesus would frown upon you for it. As would buddha or krishna or anyone other deities.

except for some of the deities from the roman pantheon or egyptian, because some of them really hated humanity and wanted us weak and without knowledge, otherwise why was bringing us fire from the gods bad???

I know this is going to fall on deaf ears who will endlessly quote bible scriptures and INSIST they are true with no proof.

but realize this is part of your lying spirit.

just as a hungry man is desperate for food in his stomach and water on his tongue, a dead man is DESPERATE for salvation, and will accept whatever path seems more likely for that.

giving into your desperation and fear is not the answer - a REAL man or woman FACES THE TRUTH, no matter HOW AWFUL OR HORRIBLE IT SEEMS, and then they dont lose hope or despair of it, they CONTINUALLY TRY TO WORK TOWARDS A BETTER WORLD.

even if it becomes impossible, even if the world was irradiated and polluted beyond repair, they would still smile when they could and TRY to make it better.

but you wont, because this is too fucking easy.

even though I will die too, it will be interesting watching those who survive fall deeper into evil's trap than ever before, looting raping pillaging and stealing to survive for a short while. angry and hateful towards the world, forgetting of god and idealism because of desperation. because they dont understand how to survive, how to work together, how to BUILD a world in their own image.

no they wont even try to make things better, they will just try to cling to life in a dead world, never trying to heal the world, just hoping somehow it fixes itself. THIS IS LUNACY.

when things hit the fan there wont be food in the store. Your guns may not save you from the horrors you will face. after you rob all your neighbors and many die only few will remain. they too will die as the world continues to deteriorate and natural disasters occur more and more frequently.

let me tell you, a small minority of people on this earth will be saved from anything. and probably none of us will leave this earth.

there may be UFOs who try to save us, I do not know, but even then it would be few. Humanity is a dangerous race, and saving bad people has DIRE consequences.

do you really think god has a use for you if you cannot reason? do you really believe that god needs you to fulfill any important task without being able to learn and question falsity when presented with it?

do you really think that its just gonna be paradise forever with absolutely NO POINT TO THIS EXISTENCE IN PARADISE AT ALL!!??!?

no, there is GREAT purpose in life after this. GREATER PURPOSE than anything we have seen or known yet. but you have absolutely NO way to serve that purpose if your just a sheep. Im sorry, but its just that way.

the way to save yourself is through gnosis - through knowing what you can, accepting that you cannot know what is not yet possible, but remaining EVER QUESTIONING, ever searching for that truth, but not just accepting the first answer you find.

even finding a large group acceptance of an idea does not make it true. hell you might find ENTIRE PLANETS OF MISLED BEINGS!!!!!!

the only possible option is to ignore what they say - render unto caesar what is his while in his domain but never ACCEPT the false teachings in your own mind.

everyone wants to say "I will be in heaven and so will my parents and friends FOREVER!!!"

sadly this is not true. there is probably going to be lots of traveling, so even if everyone was still around you wouldnt meet up a lot probably. And also many many many people just dont get it and arent going to be on that trip.

I dont know if its forever, or just a period of time. I am no prophet.

but I will always accept reason and listen to my inner voice. I wont trust a single voice outside my own inner voice, for to me, THAT Is the highest contract - the one with my free will and self determination.

I will keep that contract above all others, and betray other contracts whenever it tells me to. if it says lie I will do so. if it says be true I will follow it.

I dont hold man made covenants above it - and because of that I am a great threat to this society, as ALL OF US SHOULD BE. if I sign a paper saying never to join a group and I want to, I still will. come sue me for all the money I dont have. come put me in jail.

my inner voice matters more than anything.

I dont care if Im a social outcast who starves completely to death alone in the wilderness, gets raped in jail, or dies horrifically through torture.

I will not give that up. ever. I would fight overwhelming odds and forces with no hope of victory to keep that and die with it.

because that is the direct voice of divinity. Other voices can act in a similar way, but they arent the same, you can tell by the archetypal emotional images attached to them.

often the voice of truth seems more hollow and less tangible. Less beneficial to the self - but not always. for the voices of greed, lust and hatred are louder voices, capable of corrupting judgment based off of desire.

but the truth is there if you learn to shut off the other emotions. I have long believed that sociopaths - often proven to have GREAT intelligence and skill at what they do inherently - have such power because many of the "feelings" leading us astray are not present in their minds at all! so in some sense they have a larger access to truth. although unfortunately for them, all the good feelings are the ones that are gone, which usually makes them evil to the core because all they use that truth access for is to please the baser self.

its also how savants work - unable to access parts of consciousness which lead to certain negatives in personality, they can sometimes directly access truth by bypassing much of what everyone else has to constantly process, eliminating some of the demons that stop us from accessing it.

you want more proof? look to games like beer pong, or music, or anything involving math on a large scale - we have access to using these tools, angular measurement, fractions, geometry, without DIRECTLY knowing how we did it often.

throw something in a trash can - your not physically measuring the degrees of the angle, but you ARE SUBCONSCIOUSLY!!!! you have to be, because there is in fact an angle to use, specifics in force as well dependent on the weight of the object thrown. Somewhere in your mind you are DECIDING how hard to throw it, and at which angle. when to release it from your wrist.

you may fuck up a few times, but eventually you can succeed. usually it isnt the idea of measurement thats fucked up, but the physical aspect of connection with that idea that gets misrepresented.

without the parts of the mind functioning that prevent direct access to this information, you can directly see it, explaining away how some autistic people have innate ability to draw out maps, play instruments, do complex math, or any number of things.

it also explains true clairvoyance and the nature of enlightenment - as well as the skills evident in mind controlled government slaves, where the alters ALL come from the subconscious so they all have direct access to the universal subconscious and generational knowledge, making training them for specific tasks far easier than training a normal person.

you are free to not believe me, but we have ALL been lied to about our origins. Accepting the lies as truth makes you the fool and not I, for I have woken up from the dream and I will not go back to sleep again.

accepting the books and authority of those who have it is to accept the lie. the beginning of finding the truth is exposing what you can and damning the liars, so that there is public rage and outcry for the truth.

then the truth must be STOLEN for it will not be given honestly and in peace. these people will HIDE It from you again if you accept that.

god wants them dead, and he wont bring them back, they are damned beyond any of us, and maybe beyond any other souls in the entire universe so you have to go in WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT, BEYOND THEIR WILL, AND BEYOND THE LAW OF MAN in order to gain access to what you can on your own.

but I fear this wont happen. either way its not that important that you DO something yet anyway - the first step is to accept wrongness - accept that you are human and can err. the second is to accept that if YOU are human and can err, so can your parents, their parents, etc.

then you realize ALL things were recognized in wrongness. it becomes not so scary in a world where really we know nothing and EVERYTHING Is horrifying, because you are no more wrong than anyone else, and EVERYONE has been trying to either find the truth, or cover it up and bury it.

this is why on some level, forgiveness is right - for other people of lesser evils you must forgive them, because an eye for an eye does not work, it always leads to more hate, more desire for revenge. but accepting us all in our wrongness makes us not hate each other, makes us not say "Let us kill the infidels!" or "damn fucking muslims" or "fucking jews!"

then we can realize how we all were led astray and turn on satan himself as it says in the book of revelations - after the resurrection of the saints where the resurrection of the sinners occurs with satan.

this is a metaphor for what must happen. the true saints are likely to continually be killed and destroyed by the beast because they control everything of this world, and are the kings of this world, waiting for a savior of THEIR kinship so they can continue dominating the world,

and as they realize the impossibility of this goal they spread hate and pollution and waste through the world, attempting to poison it for the true god and his people.

because if you only knew the truth, youd have your pitchfork and torch burning and be on your way to your national governments in a split second, you would SEE god and satan directly at work in this world, and you would seek to dethrone the prince of the whole world, who seeks to keep you in the dark, continually watching the divine interference and USING THE WORDS of those who came in divine glory, MANIPULATING AND CORRUPTING THEM, releasing only what is useful, then killing them and continuing on.

just a little bit of truth for you. I have no documents, no religion behind me, I am just one man, as all of us are. I dont know what really happened in the past, but theres lots of incongruities and a little bit of evidence that can be found.

and its a far smaller leap of faith to take using logic and the divine spirit than to accept any number of hateful human religions with immoral and stupid followers.

the answers arent always comforting. we are not the center of the universe at all. never were.

in fact Id bet god created LOTS more intelligent beings than us, angels and demons are probably an amazingly dumbed down interpretation of reality presented to man when he barely had the ability to make fire or even know what anything in his own immediate world was, let alone the nature of the stars and the universe.

we're not the most important ones out there. we are just people. period.

people will put spells on you to believe the opposite - using words and un-logic, emotion, to make you feel out the wrong answer.

but when you feel anything you are INVOKING feelings, when you look at someone and see their feelings you are EVOKING the feelings. using these concepts together and controlling the psyche of oneself and another are how manipulation is formed, and it is the BASIS for religions that exist today.

however as literacy improved and people could see symbolic meaning TPTB realized too many people would get on the in crowd bus and it would fuck them, so they created religions damning the old ones so nobody would look into it.

they created a LANGUAGE, and others like it, where, as opposed to other languages, innate meaning is not contained within words that express entire contexts and ideas! instead root meanings of suffixes and prefixes create meaning, which can slowly be changed or have extra meanings or connotations added over time, creating more confusion, and also changing the structure by which modern evolving languages are created, convoluting and changing the meanings gradually over time in small ways as to not alter the entire language at once and make things not make sense anymore.

Im not sure if this language is latin, but it likely is as that is the root of the english language and many many other european languages.


sure they may exist IN the mind. maybe even IN the minds of us ALL at once.

the whole thing is about recognizing emotions in people and acting to get what you want out of them.

you see someone INVOKE feelings of anger towards you, so you INVOKE feelings that counteract that anger and direct your feelings at them in a way where you can begin EVOKING their feelings for them.

better yet, you hand people a program, or begin speaking before they have feelings yet and you are EVOKING the feelings directly into people by usage of elaborate and fancy speech and your own INVOKED emotions.

only someone truly understanding of this concept, of their divine selves and wills are capable of defeating such a thing, because other people will wonder in the beauty of the words said, never looking at the speaker and their actions, but judging based on speech/presentation alone.

let me ask you, if I present to you a free energy device diagram, claim that it works without letting you try it, are you to simply ACCEPT my word that it is true based off my VISIBLE STANDING IN SOCIETY and STATUS?!

no. you have to see it working, KNOW that it works yourself. because if you let a leader say that and accept it with no investigation, you end up with a whole bunch of unsafe nuclear reactors nobody knew about that will kill you all.

but you accepted that I said free energy device because you say a diagram that barely made scientific sense very quickly because I made you feel good about it.

now you just feel dumb and despaired. needing another to guide you along - but you arent allowed to pick them because there are no messiahs and rule is granted by divine right.

laughable. rule is granted from satan himself and no other. sure its divine. divinely evil. I assure you that even the greatest, wisest most loving of our leaders also LOVED SUCKING SATANS BIG FAT COCK.

it is an age old pastime of evil to go walking into churches and temples with a smile. claiming to be doing good for god the whole while. knowing it was they who created the whole system of duality - showing you one side of it that necessitates another side, so you just let it happen, and listen to him while sitting from the pews or watching tv.

thats the beauty of it, because nobody can go against it. not if they accept ANYTHING that is said.

dont believe me - go talk to people. say we need to rebel. they all tell you "we cant. we wont win. its hopeless. just wait for god".

if your one of them you are Satanic, and I hope in the war to come ALL you people are either wiped clean from the face of the earth, or something divine happens and truly opens your eyes, because then at least those of us who DO WANT to do something about it could be enabled to fight and stand a fraction of a chance.

your all going to be doing this probably lala and not wanting to hear this, but they want you to stay focused more than ever on what they say.

believe in jesus if you want. believe in god. but also believe in yourself, because YOU are the holy spirit YOU are the temple of god, and when you stop believing in YOU, you lose the holy spirit and your temple becomes defiled by those who want you believing in THEM.

only YOU can save yourself on that level. even if you have the rest of it right, even if you can knock on that door and hear the divine presence behind it, without the spirit you lack the key. the spirit is not a separate entity that exists sharing itself with the world, we are ALL BORN WITH IT. they just dont want you using it.

because dont you know? god is a threat to all in power because he will take their power and make it nothing. A good divine king in this world is nothing but an equal to all other men in front of god when his kingdom comes.

and HE DOES NOT WANT THAT. he wants unfair advantage for his family because he is totally human, not able to see outside of himself, saying that he alone will be like the most high, and any outside that system are losses for the greater goal of that.
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United States
11/21/2012 02:08 PM
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Re: why all religions are false and leading to death
"let me ask you, if I present to you a free energy device diagram, claim that it works without letting you try it, are you to simply ACCEPT my word that it is true based off my VISIBLE STANDING IN SOCIETY and STATUS?!"

A selfless act will never go unpunished and taken advantage of by the selfish!

Religion is the control mechanism before Television(Project Blue Beam) went into effect.

If the 99% are selfish and the 1% are selfless, would the 99% comprehend this, or want to destroy them?

Lessons are learned from the past, if one only studies them!

User ID: 26795689
United States
11/21/2012 02:11 PM

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Re: why all religions are false and leading to death
After analyzing the length of your post I decided to just re-read the thread title and take your word for it.

The Golden Rule
[link to youtube.com (secure)]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 19747182
United States
11/21/2012 02:14 PM
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Re: why all religions are false and leading to death
"let me ask you, if I present to you a free energy device diagram, claim that it works without letting you try it, are you to simply ACCEPT my word that it is true based off my VISIBLE STANDING IN SOCIETY and STATUS?!"

A selfless act will never go unpunished and taken advantage of by the selfish!

Religion is the control mechanism before Television(Project Blue Beam) went into effect.

If the 99% are selfish and the 1% are selfless, would the 99% comprehend this, or want to destroy them?

Lessons are learned from the past, if one only studies them!
 Quoting: Reble 27086568

I never said who was and was not selfish.

although I dont like this 99% 1% paradigm.

the thing is, nobody is right, not the 99% or the 1%, if of course your talking about the people vs government.

both are filled with selfishness and misunderstanding at this point, but unfortunately Id say a large magnitued of people in the 1% are more selfish.

however, if you meant that as in a good vs bad people argument, or thinking vs nonthinking, I would agree that only about 1-10% of the world thinks for themselves at this point.

but im not trying to raise rebellion over selfishness. just saying that the time is coming where we will have to fight to wrest the truth from clenched hands who control the masses through any and all available means.