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Message Subject Mars Curiosity rover team set to announce 'major discovery' on surface of Red Planet that 'will be one for the history books' Rea
Poster Handle ST In BG
Post Content

Ahh Yes ... The Usual Lies & B.S. ... By A Governmental Agency ... Known For It's Non-Truth, Distortions Of The Truth ... & Out & Out Deceptions !!

The Fact Is ... That "Rover" Is NOT On Mazar/Mars ... But The Filming Is Done In New Mexico/Mexico Deserts & In Studio With Software Enhancments !!

Very Few Are ALLOWED/Permitted To Come To Mazar/Mars ... & Of Each ... They Are Advanced Screened/Analized ... Beyond Anything That Is On Terra/Earth !! ... EVERYTHING Is Known Of Ones That Desire/Want To Come To This World !!

Of Any Probes Which Are Attempting To Spy ... They Are Either Disabled Or Destroyed !!

The Planet Is Being Re-Terraformed ... & Only "Authorized Personnel" Are Pemitted To Go There !! ... (The Conduit Was Permitted ... & Taken There ... To See "First Hand" ... How Things Were Going !!) ... The Atmosphere Is Not Stable Enough To Permit Lengthy Surface Staying ... WIthout Portable Oxygen/Enhancers !! ... By Itself At This State ... Life As You Know It ... Can Only Exist In Bio Domes On The Surface !!

Below Too ... Terraforming Is Going On ... In Various Growth & Enhancment Stages !!

The Atmosphere Needs To Be Rebuilt/Reestablished ... The Weather Cycles Recontinued ... The Land/Surface & Life ... Regrown ... Water, Food ... Elements Reestablished ... Lifeforms When Support Is Available ... Many Other Things That Need To Be Done ... Before The World Is Thriving With Life Again !!

Farewell For Now !!

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