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Message Subject Does anyone actually believe the words of the bible to the point they have no use for doctors?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Well, those who have faith should fear no death.

However, the Lord is not adverse to the easing of suffering.

We all have bigger things to worry about in our lives, and Christ knows our struggles with confusion in certain matters.
 Quoting: Lada D

We are all made up of energy! God knows this already, it was we who didn't know this till recently in world history. Energy does not die. If energy is removed from something it goes somewhere else but it does not disappear or die!

Einsteins theory of relativity in how mass is energy and does not die but is simply transformed into new energy is the best example I would have to offer.

Einstein demonstrated that E=mc^2, that energy equals mass x the speed of light squared. What this equation relates simply is that energy and matter are one and the same thing. Matter is just a much more condensed and "slower" form of energy. Note, that everything in the universe vibrates, including the atoms of molecules of matter (mass). So nothing is completely "at rest" ever. Energy may be transformed but it may not be destroyed. This is the law of the conservation of energy. Exploding a nuclear weapon demonstrates that Einstein was right - matter can be converted to it's equivalent energy, and given the right conditions (most likely, a tremendous source of gravity, such as a black hole), energy can be condensed into matter.

"For the believer, both the evidence of science and the failure of science to explain the paranormal is all the proof they need. For the skeptic, no evidence no matter how scientific will ever be proof enough." ~John Zaffis

God tells you what is to happen to your energy once it is done here. The reason God all throughout the bible tells you to not fear death is because he knows of other things outside of your knowledge that you may never know.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16344097

"What is Dark Matter?

The story of dark matter is best divided into two parts. First we have the reasons that we know that it exists. Second is the collection of possible explanations as to what it is.

Why the Universe Needs Dark Matter

We believe that that the Universe is critically balanced between being open and closed. We derive this fact from the observation of the large scale structure of the Universe. It requires a certain amount of matter to accomplish this result. Call it M.

We can estimate the total baryonic matter of the universe by studying Big Bang nucleosynthesis. This is done by connecting the observed He/H ratio of the Universe today to the amount of baryonic matter present during the early hot phase when most of the helium was produced. Once the temperature of the Universe dropped below the neutron-proton mass difference, neutrons began decaying into protons. If the early baryon density was low, then it was hard for a proton to find a neutron with which to make helium before too many of the neutrons decayed away to account for the amount of helium we see today. So by measuring the He/H ratio today, we can estimate the necessary baryon density shortly after the Big Bang, and, consequently, the total number of baryons today. It turns out that you need about 0.05 M total baryonic matter to account for the known ratio of light isotopes. So only 1/20 of the total mass of the Universe is baryonic matter.

Unfortunately, the best estimates of the total mass of everything that we can see with our telescopes is roughly 0.01 M. Where is the other 99% of the stuff of the Universe? Dark Matter!"

More on what we call Dark Matter here:

[link to math.ucr.edu]
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