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Message Subject Does anyone actually believe the words of the bible to the point they have no use for doctors?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP--Thanks so much for this video. I didn't watch the whole thing but within the first 15 mins I was floored!
I have had many direct encounters with God when it comes to supernatural healing and I can vouch for God when it comes to that. 2 years ago I had a DR tell me that I most likely had cancer and it most likely spread. He said I only had to have the tests done to see where it was and how far it had gone.
Well, the DR didn't make my body so as far as I am concerned he didn't know all that much. I went to the maker of my body and asked him to fix it and today I feel great!Doing very well (with some issues )but not worried about dying that is for sure.
Doctors certainly have their place and for immediate pressing issues such as trauma, bleeding, pain, injuries, etc. Of course I would go to the ER. But I do not discount what God can do. It is the trust that is so hard to maintain because of our constant exposure to the world system. ( I hope people understand what I mean by this).

I should have died many, many times in many different ways but I didn't. God made me and my days are written out and numbered. That is fine with me. I trust him and that is what I work on everyday. Just trusting.

Again, thank you so very much for this video. I will watch it in its entirety later.

God Bless You!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17888588

I didn't put the video up but I too enjoyed it the same. Actually, the more I see the confidence in others about not following the social norm when it comes to my health, the better off I seem to be.

The interesting thing that struck me the other days is, how in the world does a cow live on grass. (Cows of old, not the new manufactured cows we eat.) If a cow, or other animals, can live off hay and grass, why am I eating so much grocery store junk? It would seem all I really need is basic stuff. What about Eskimos?

But, on another point though in regards to the video, wouldn't the worship of herbs also have its downfall, just like doctors?

And to the discussion about matter and energy. This is all well and good, but the question here is trying to understand the transfer of energy. Saying that energy is matter and matter, energy does not help unless the mechanism for is change can be explained on our level.

But, then again, maybe that mechanism has already been explained, and it is called faith.

Maybe the real question here is, is immortality really about faith. In the grand scheme of things, maybe healing is not really all that important, but understanding that whether one is healed or not, they still go on.

Maybe, when we are young we're absolutely sure we will wake up to a life tomorrow (or maybe it is more, we really don't care), but as we get older, that certainty becomes not so sure and we worry. Believing in tomorrow, one way are another, seems to make all the difference in the world.
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