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Message Subject Does anyone actually believe the words of the bible to the point they have no use for doctors?
Poster Handle Lada D
Post Content
I just don't understand why the struggle to live longer. If God is ready to take us, Godspeed!

If we are already avoiding vice and gluttony and are keeping ourselves clean we shouldn't have too many health problems. Also, we need to remember to ask our food to be blessed in thanksgiving.

If we do these things, we will not be immortal, but we shouldn't have any need for herbs, Shamans, Doctors, Witches or anything else.

Should there be an accident, it is appropriate to recieve aid in stitching, splinting, casting and pain relief along with antibiotics if necessary. It is appropriate to have attendence at birth. It is appropriate to have hospice at death.

Now, modern living poisons the body at birth with immunizations, formulas, pasteurized and cooked foods, GMOS, Additives, preservatives, air pollution, mind pollution and harmful memes all well before we are even at an age of accountability.

We must realize that we are under a full attack by the adversary, and except for our Salvation in Christ, we cannot win. We cannot defeat Death *right now* and must await resurrection and the Kingdom to deliver us from the all-seeing eye and it's schemes.
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