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Message Subject Does anyone actually believe the words of the bible to the point they have no use for doctors?
Poster Handle Amy_A
Post Content
I am a 58 year old physician and I know that by following the Word of God from the Bible you can not even get sick. If you are sick, if you follow what the word of God tells you, you will be cured. In Genesis He tells you what to eat for meat. The Jesus tells what to substitute for dead flesh. That only the beginning though5a
 Quoting: keymaker 25538141

I would love to hear more from you since you are a doctor. Do you agree with eating nothing but natural foods that God has provided? What do you tell your patients when they are looking to feel better? Are you prescribing man made chemicals are telling them that health is found in the food they put in their bodies? It is nice hearing from someone who is able to see both sides of the issues. I imagine most people will get upset if you told them to change their diet to a natural diet that did not include blood or starch.

 Quoting: Amy_A

I'm not the Doctor, but the problem that Jesus has with the "Natural Foods" diet(s) is that you essentially replace God with an endless quest for foods, herbs, etc.

The time and resources spent on acquiring these things is anti-Christ.

You going to fly in Acai berries from Peru? You need to eat Coconut Oil by the bottle when 100 years ago nobody even knew how to extract it? (Just an example, don't get worked up)

You need to chain up 1000 native Africans to find and scrape Tree bark from Lion infested Savannahs so that your kneecaps will be properly lubricated...

Can only go to Whole Foods to buy your strawberries?

This is not what Jesus Christ would advocate. He would tell you that it's not what goes into your body, but what comes out of your mouth.

Further, he would explain that anything offered in Love or taken in thanksgiving will be good for your body, provided you are not treading into Vice or gluttony.

You do more karmic harm refusing a ham sandwhich because you're Kosher when your Aunt makes one for you versus eating the Ham Sandwhich, making her happy and giving purpose to the pig that died.

For example.

Humility, gratitude and openness to receive in Love.

That's Christ.

Endless man hours worrying about food...that's Satan.
 Quoting: Lada D

Jesus Christ actually said to care for the body temple, but I agree in that anything over done takes away from the quest for God Hood. People must care for the body temple. It carriers your soul around.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

hfI agree with you. It is VERY Hard trying to find food that has not been tainted with chemicals these days. I just left the grocery store and 95% or more contain chemicals I could not even spell. I know of someone who recently moved here from Peru and was shocked that we did not have fresh foods being sold either at corner markets or grown locally all across towns. She was also shocked how much package foods we consume. The package food is nothing but a way to keep us down where we do not know our true-selves. One thing I have noticed is more people are getting away from prescription drugs and using food instead. Natural Food is medicine. Natural food doesn't have to be from another country. We have plenty of land to grow what we need. Most are too busy chasing the colorful paper.

Peace to you
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