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Message Subject Does anyone actually believe the words of the bible to the point they have no use for doctors?
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Wouldn't it be more logical from a religious stand point to take medicine and all sorts of medical science as a gift of god?

Instead of saying that it is totally separate from God's creations.
 Quoting: ShabbyOrange
Im a natropath,I Use doctors as a last resort, I only need an eye doctor as I wear glasses. I use herbs, minerals,frequencies, and try and eat right.
The medical industry is so corrupt and greedy, its hard to say what to be thankfull for. you have to learn about this. The planet is mineral deficient allowing parasites to enter our bodies. The industy is cashing in on this. Things like colloidal silver, the herb wormwood kills parasites. Parasites and pollutants are the cause of all diseaes. If you have a good honest doctor, be thankfull. My eye doc, a good man and all, told me I had macular degeneration, and there was no cure, went home used my frequency generator, and cured it. So you have to learn.
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