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Message Subject Just talked to a FEMA insider. Time to panic ? ( sigh, .again?, I know...)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well, I don't know about 400 ft. but I can tell you for certain they expect most of Long Beach to sink during the "Big One". Tsunami? Well, that's been debated for 30 years and I tend to agree with the "outbound" theory. The San Andreas cuts under the LA basin at about a 45 degree angle. For the last several thousand years the fault has been sliding North and UP (creating the coastal mountains). Typically and undersea slides would move water to the West, not back at L.A. Of course you could get some back-slosh, but that would be like 40 or 50 ft. Oh, sure it could cause some serious shit, but not like Japan.

Now, if we are talking about an asteroid strike ... well, all bets are off and you might as well kiss your ass good-bye. But, I gotta tell you that would be pretty hard to hide, since anyone with a good telescope would see it. Soooooo...

I have to go with the Earthquake scenario. It's coming, and they know it is. It's predictable and it's going kick our ass. My two cents worth.
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