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Message Subject Just talked to a FEMA insider. Time to panic ? ( sigh, .again?, I know...)
Poster Handle SuperNova1
Post Content
If he comes back I just want to get more info. Pictures of the equipment won't get him in trouble . Nothing to give him away. I don't even know if I can upload pics to GLP i,m not a sponsoring member.I told him to get a boss welded to the door to mount his floodlight and I would wire it in for him.Besides I suspect his truck has a slightly blown head gasket.He was very low on coolant no leaks. So i think he'll be back sooner or later.trying to think of what I could ask my "insider" if he comes back.Heck he may be a crackpot, but I don't know any key questions to ask him about working for FEMA. I could rummage around his glovebox maybe find a paystub or something BETTER !!
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