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Message Subject Just talked to a FEMA insider. Time to panic ? ( sigh, .again?, I know...)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hmmm.I wonder do they have the capability to predict such a thing. I don't want to go too deep like HAARP causing an earthquake /tsunami. I won't go down that rabbit hole.It never ends.We are WAY overdue for a big'un. And we all know about the fault off the coast of Oregon could cause a big wave.
 Quoting: SuperNova1

you need to look up and read the joe stack thread
his claims were compelling
that they have satellites so far out in earth's orbit
that they are moving faster than time and are grabbing FUTURE msm headlines
so they know what will happen
sounds crazy but it's completely plausible
as that is how time works
time moves faster the further it escapes the pull of gravity
ie time moves ever so slightly faster at the top of a skyscraper
than it does at the bottom

so, yeah, i think they know
then there's always project looking glass
which is basically the same deal
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