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Message Subject Just talked to a FEMA insider. Time to panic ? ( sigh, .again?, I know...)
Poster Handle Hammertime
Post Content
Hey OP, Your story sound genuine as do you. This is the reason I come to GLP because we will not get info like this on the MSM. This could be nothing or could be something. Either way its good to have a heads up on things.

Thanks and PLEASE keep us up-dated on any future findings.

I checked the flood map and I am good up til 350 meters of water rise, anything more then that and it looks like we will all be done.

BTW, That FEMA loss of gravity commercial, I have been talking about that since I first seen it. Spooked the Hell out of me. That would be one hell of a way to go, straight up. My Prep package is going to involve some body weights to hold me down.
 Quoting: Hammertime

What will you breathe as the atmosphere is sucked out to space?
 Quoting: Parabola

Thanks OP, just when i thought I had it all figured out.

I don't know, maybe hit up the local scuba store for a few hundred tanks. I live in the friggin mountains and we have a local Scuba shop. This guy may know something that I don't. Kinda like buying future Ocean front property in Arizona. Maybe he thinks where I live is future Ocean Front and he is establishing a market.
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