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Message Subject Just talked to a FEMA insider. Time to panic ? ( sigh, .again?, I know...)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I just worked on a guys truck who claims to work for FEMA.He was a decent customer ,paid good $ for brakes and thermostat.After he asks me about mounting a police style floodlight. Seems like a pain in the Azz so I ask why not just buy one of those handheld jobs they work great. He agreed and told me he had one but FEMA wants him to have one mounted so he could floodlight an area he may have to work on.I joke around about the FEMA camps having the barbed wire facing the inside. He said "yea they are all being moved to higher elevation.Higher than 400 feet. I admitted to being a conspiracy theorist type and he told me some serious shit is going down like FEMA is in FULL panic(?) mode mobilizing moving everything to higher elevation and buying LOTS of supplies(I mentioned the ammo !)I got the impression he was talking about coastal flooding(i'm in SoCal)He wants the message to get out to people he's not supposed to say anything.He doesn't know the WHY. He even asked me what could cause such flooding in such a short time?(I mentioned the solar flares, asteroid?)Not global warming he said it's happening soon. Get to high ground, higher than 400 feet.
So he mentioned some other stuff like he has this wierd little antennae on his truck that picks up (static?) in the air something to do with the solar shit it sends a signal to a unit which records data for FEMA.(I saw it)Well anyway he said he will come back for more work . I can't wait to ask a few questions...Better questions! He seemed nervous to talk about this stuff but bursting with anxiety about whatever is going down..I'll keep you guys informed.
...And no, he's not my uncle.Sorry no link , but it happened about an hour ago.
next time I'll take pictures of his truck and the weird stuff on it..
 Quoting: SuperNova1

The FEMA person is talk about equipment to monitor global crustal displacement -- i.e., the crust of the earth moves; breaks loose from the mantel and slides some distance making the oceans slosh around like moving a glass of water too quickly will spill it. Problem is, the slosh will be every bit of 400 feet and probably way more than that initially, i.e., perhaps several thousand feet high.

See evidence of MASSIVE TSUNAMIS in ancient times, e.g., 1648 BC and 5300 BC, 9600BC and 12,500BC.

You'll find the evidence if you look.

The "Destroyer" is coming... crustal displacement!

[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.youtube.com]
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