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Message Subject Just talked to a FEMA insider. Time to panic ? ( sigh, .again?, I know...)
Poster Handle IssueX
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I joke around about the FEMA camps having the barbed wire facing the inside. He said "yea they are all being moved to higher elevation.Higher than 400 feet.
 Quoting: SuperNova1

That number sure caught my attention. 400 feet above sea level? That's a fair bit for a coastal state. That's 121 metres.

Punch 121 metres into this: [link to www.floodmap.net]

That's a lot of friggin' water.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28238210

HOLY SHIT, MAN! How did you find this map?! I punched in 121m like you said and checked out my home in Austin. Then i zoomed out to see the whole U.S. --- IT'S THAT GD MAP OF THE NAVY AND EDGAR CAYCE. [link to oi47.tinypic.com]

 Quoting: Writemeaticket Red

the map site is down, but I'll check again later

some really good replies - great to see this thread hasn't deteriorated like so many do

thanks again op!

green for you
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