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Don't forget those who have very little to be thankful for.

User ID: 28259798
11/22/2012 02:38 AM
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Don't forget those who have very little to be thankful for.
For all those in the Us celebrating thanksgiving in the US lets not forget those who are less fortunate throughout the world. Remember just by living in the US you are blessed to have a better lifestyle than 85% of the rest of the worlds population. I am an American living in Mindanao in the Southern Philippines where poverty is very widespread. Since moving here I have been feeding many of the nearly 3000 street children in the city of Davao. I am making an appeal to those who can spare a few dollars to make a donation to the Mindanao Project which I have founded here. There are zero administrative costs so 100% of your donation goes to where it is needed the most. The children on the streets. It only takes a very small amount of money to make a huge difference in the life of a child. $5 will feed ten children a meal that consists of Chicken, Rice, and fruit juice. That same $5 can purchase ten pairs of sandals. Below I have posted just how far a little money can go. If you would like more information on how you can help email me at mindanaoproject@live.com. Donations can also be made to this same address via paypal. If only 10% of the people viewing this forum right now would donate $5 it would provide over 2000 meals! It could get 50 children off the streets and into school! Even if you can not contribute financially keep not only the children here in your prayers, but all those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you for reading this and God Bless!

Just how far does money go towards helping?

$25 will provide a medical screening and up to one month of medications needed for a child. (Many of the infants and very young children I have encountered appear to need immediate medical check ups and treatment)

$50 will provide basic dental care for 5 children.(This includes a thorough check-up, cleaning, and filling of up to two cavities.)

$50 will provide 100 meals for the children. (This past weekend alone I provided meals for over 30 children which consisted of chicken, rice, gravy, and pineapple Juice. Several other children showed up late, but unfortunately I had to draw the line somewhere.)

$50 will provide 100 pairs of sandals. (Here kids wear their sandals until they have holes in the bottom and that exposes them to worms and other hazards in the ground that can cause infection and discomfort. Sandals are desperately needed and very inexpensive.)

$35 can provide school supplies and school uniforms which are required to attend the free public schools. This is all that prevents many of these children from attending school. A single donation of $35 will give a child the opportunity to attend school.
Included in a donation of $35:

Uniform including socks and black shoes
pocket English dictionaries
colored construction paper
modeling clay
white glue
scotch tape
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2421834
11/23/2012 07:56 AM
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Re: Don't forget those who have very little to be thankful for.
[link to fundrazr.com (secure)] hf