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Subject Possible new sub sea UFO shaped object seen .
Poster Handle Jeebs
Post Content
Hi guys, first posting here, so please forgive any faux pas.
Basically I wanted to announce that in the last few hours whilst looking at some detailed location information for an earthquake which had occurred in the last 24 hours at a local which I visited in my dim and distant youth, I just happened to switch to Google earth and by slip of hand, ended up approx 100 ks south of such and whilst reaching forward to wipe some split coffee off the additional keyboard I have, spotted something strange looking on the screen. Upon closer inspection - basically by just zooming in - I came across this 4 kilometer wide circular shaped sub-sea structure on top of which is obviously located a three sided object each side measuring some 1100 meters in length.
Any of you out there with advice on how to get this known or verified?
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