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Message Subject When I met George W. Bush...PLEASE READ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
why don't you tell your father about it and ask if he'd know why Bush reacted that way? Also, do you have any distinct features or an odd appearance?
 Quoting: cowardlyMe 20395699

I probably should bring it up, I am actually going to see him today for Thanksgiving and have thought about saying something, seeing how he is retired now and he can speak more openly about stuff. I guess because it is just an awkward experience to talk about and also my dad is not a Christian and I don't think he would understand that part of it, as I feel that is the most important aspect of the whole thing. A conversation I have always remembered us having was once I was about 13 or so we took a family vacation out west to Yellowstone, Colorado, Utah, etc. and my dad and I would stay up and talk while everyone else was sleeping in the back. one night I asked him what really happened with JFK and his answer was a long story about nothing even remotely related to it and ended with "the technology exists right now that people could hear us talking if they wanted to". I didn't dig any deeper because of the tone and everything, but I will always remember that conversation (or I should say lack thereof).
No odd features or anything like that, we were all in suits and ties, but it was almost the type of reaction you would expect if I had walked in there with a flaming pink Mohawk and face tattoos of swastikas haha
 Quoting: UnmannedAerialPilot

The fact that your father is not Christian would account for him being privy to the inner circle. The serpent minds of the elite have the ability to see the future. When I say future, it is within the finite construct of this time matrix. Our Lord and Savior is the alpha and omega and ultimately in control though. My suggestion is that you pray for the gift of discernment. The darkside wants to be in control and can recognize what is going in the mind and heart. The future decision to serve our Savior was seen in you to someone's great disdain. You can see the darkness in them as well. Look into the dark initiates eyes and mentally ask if they serve our Lord. You will be surprised at what happens when this ability develops within you.

In the endtimes, the 144,000 which are written into the Book of Life have that ability to see the truth and are not blinded by the lies that will be forced on the mass populace from the false sungod worship, spirit of the antichrist(apollyon) that is coming down the pike. Once you are written into the Book of Life, the battle for your soul is over. You are going somewhere that the brood of vipers can never go.
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