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Message Subject When I met George W. Bush...PLEASE READ
Poster Handle UnmannedAerialPilot
Post Content
For the record, in 2000, during a Bush visit to Arizona, I held up a 20 feet wide sign that said Bush "could be the anti-Christ."

Evil and demonic spirits can APPEAR to be as clean and white and innocent and lovely as the driven snow. They are masters of deception.

Maybe you caught a glimpse through the veil.

If you read the book of Bush Sr.'s letters he wrote during his presidency, he sounds like the nicest, most congenial if not rather verbose and goofy old man you'd ever meet.

Really? The former director of the CIA?

These people may also be dual personalities or suffer from multiple personality disorder -- nice one minute, killers the next.
 Quoting: Super Bowl Dave

Yea good points. I had never seen or felt anything so sinister, that is one thing I know for sure! (except maybe those commercials for American Horror Story ugh! who can watch that crap!?)
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