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Message Subject When I met George W. Bush...PLEASE READ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
(I got saved at about 4am on 9/11/2001, but that is a different story)

Apparently it's an important part of the story or you wouldn't have mentioned it. How does one happen to get saved at 4am on 9/11/2001... what were the circumstances???

What religion are your parents???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1148772

Well, I guess it all ties in, but not necessarily directly related. My mom was/is a kind of gnostic type "I believe in God", but only accepts the parts of the Bible she wants to accept (my older brother is gay so anything in Scripture opposed to that lifestyle was added after the fact). My dad is still an atheist, and when I say we were raised to be militant atheists, I mean it. Dawkins-style. I would go to party's and find the Christians just to make them look stupid by asking the hard questions and logically arguing them into holes they couldn't get out of. I would do the same thing in school. I refused to do the Pledge of Allegiance until God was taken out of it and would regularly burn Bibles and get sent to the principles office for making fun of "moments of silence" in school. The night I got saved is nothing short of miraculous. I have only heard a few other stories of how people got saved that even come close to it and I was planning on typing it all out in another thread, but I just don't have the time right now, kids just got up from nap and we gotta get on the road for Thanksgiving dinner. I will try to get on later tonight and explain it all, but I am guessing it will have to wait until tomorrow. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God Bless!
 Quoting: UnmannedAerialPilot

Secret service agents eventually retire someday and have to be replaced. And because of all those years of service your father is a trusted man by the white house. Every father talks about their kids somehow and when they heard about you, they saw potential in you. You were raised by your father so you will be someone they can trust. You were raised as a militant atheist so you fit the requirement to perhaps be a secret service agent someday. So that may be why Bush was so interested in you. But when he looked at you he indeed recognized a child of God.
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