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Message Subject When I met George W. Bush...PLEASE READ
Poster Handle Gratia Plena
Post Content
I probably should bring it up, I am actually going to see him today for Thanksgiving and have thought about saying something, seeing how he is retired now and he can speak more openly about stuff. I guess because it is just an awkward experience to talk about and also my dad is not a Christian and I don't think he would understand that part of it, as I feel that is the most important aspect of the whole thing. A conversation I have always remembered us having was once I was about 13 or so we took a family vacation out west to Yellowstone, Colorado, Utah, etc. and my dad and I would stay up and talk while everyone else was sleeping in the back. one night I asked him what really happened with JFK and his answer was a long story about nothing even remotely related to it and ended with "the technology exists right now that people could hear us talking if they wanted to". I didn't dig any deeper because of the tone and everything, but I will always remember that conversation (or I should say lack thereof).
No odd features or anything like that, we were all in suits and ties, but it was almost the type of reaction you would expect if I had walked in there with a flaming pink Mohawk and face tattoos of swastikas haha
 Quoting: UnmannedAerialPilot

I have an uncle (seriously - not a GLP uncle) who is ex-SS and served during the Kennedy years, and he flat out refuses to talk about who killed Kennedy, whether it be conspiracy theories, the official story... he won't talk about any of it.

Anyway, really awesome story. How did YOU feel meeting him? I know you said that you admired him beforehand, and afterward you came to believe he had a hand in terrorism, but do you remember any cold chills or weird feelings while meeting him or being so close to him? Or were you too distracted by his weird look? I do believe evil exists, and perhaps he recognized you as his enemy. Crazy experience.

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