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Message Subject When I met George W. Bush...PLEASE READ
Poster Handle WALKERS
Post Content
Very interesting story OP. I am in possibly a similar situation , possibly not but it sure sounds similar. I don't have your kind of background though. Lower middle class upbringing , father was a juvinile criminal investigator & mostly raised by single mother who's an artist and went to community college when I was a child & got a scholarship to Wahington University in st.louis and married a lawyer who has a very suspicious background and family , they are almost all lawyers having to do with SEC & banking. My step dad went to Princeton. He has one sister and her husband also went to Princeton & is a lawyer who specializes in corporate takeovers I think. Anyway he was in the national news in '09 because a bomb was placed in his assigned parking place in the building his office & home/apt is in which is in Clayton , Mo. It is claimed that it was a case of mistaken identity but the whole case was very fishy. I have only talked to my stepdads brother in law a few times very briefly but one of the times I got the same kind of feeling that you described with bush. That's not why I'm telling you this though , it's just a little backround info. I had an experience in the apt/loft I was living in at the time in '07 that changed my life. It was on July 2nd & I was living in a building that used to be a Masonic temple , the Lambskin temple. I knew nothing about the illuminati or Freemasons or 911 before this. Somehow after it happed I realized a lot of stuff. One thing I knew , was that someone very powerful was near me, in the same neighborhood, which is called the Central West End in st.louis mo. I started doing research & soon learned that the person or persons I had a feeling about may be the family that "sponsored" Presscott Bush and his family, the Walker family & Herbert "Bert" Walker who was the richest most powerful person in st.louis durring the time. Herbert Walker III happened to live just blocks away from me. He was made ammbassodor to Hungary by his cousin George Bush jr.
I also found out that there is another bush who is the brother of Bush sr , "Bucky" Bush who is an attorney in Clayton , Mo and happens to live & work just blocks away from my parents house in University City "U-city". For some reason I seem to be very intrested in these two family's , it's very hard to explain.
Sometimes I have really weird dreams that seem diffrent than others, a lot diffrent. In two of these dreams I saw George bush sr. Both times he just looked at me with that exact same look you discribed, like a father looks at his son when he did something wrong and dosnt have to say a word. In me dream I was on a yellow school bus and he was sitting in behind me about 3 seats in the next aisle. So I turned back & looked at him like I knew all his secrets kind of a look, and he starred back how you described just like he did in another dream he was in. But this one was alittle stranger , not just because it felt completely real but because of who else was on the bus.
I was motioned by the person sitting In the very back seat to come sit next to him which I did, it was James Caan! He didn't say a word either but he acted just like he does in movies. All he did was put his hand on my knee in an intimidating manor and looked at me in an intimidating manor the way only James Caan could do. It was like he was telling me to keep my mouth shut about Bush or something. I later found out that Gerogre Bush sr & James Caan are good friends in real life. I realize that I could be completely wrong about my dreams and about either of these two families being the least bit aware of me, just realize I realize that for those who think I sound crazy. I think George Bush might be somekind of shaman or has the ability to astral travel, I also believe they are reptilians or have been taken over most likely in the rituals they perform , by demons.
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