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Message Subject When I met George W. Bush...PLEASE READ
Poster Handle UnmannedAerialPilot
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Wow, there has been a lot of activity on here since last time I checked in! Unfortunately, we just got home from the holiday stuff so I am exhausted and won't have a chance to read all of it through tonight. I asked my mom and younger brother about it and they don't remember anything of what I experienced, but both remembered when Bush Sr. embarrassed my brother. We all got a kick out of that, and I didn't press the issue any further, because I could tell they thought it was a little crazy. I didn't bring it up with my dad or older brother, either. I just got the feeling to leave it alone after the reaction I got from them and decided to let it go. No one else in my family are Christians, although both of my brothers did profess Christ back when my older brother was in high school and younger was probably 12 (many years before this happened), but they both quickly fizzled away and neither has turned back to the Truth ever since.
It is strange how God works, because when they got "saved", they both harassed me non-stop to go to church with them, and the more they pressed, the more angry it made me and the more I resisted it. I oftentimes wonder how my reaction to them could have steered them away, and how they must feel now, seeing how I have become the "holy roller" of the family. Since then, they both have become really deceived, especially after going through college(like countless others) and it doesn't look like they will be returning to the faith any time soon. My older brother is actually a professor at Ohio State now (Archeology) and I know that one of the main reasons he got into that field of study was to try and disprove the Bible, as it is definitely not approving of his lifestyle (he is gay). I will try to get back on tomorrow or later tonight after I rest for awhile and answer all the questions/feedback/responses. Thanks for the inputs GLP!
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