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Message Subject When I met George W. Bush...PLEASE READ
Poster Handle MarkinAZ
Post Content
Somewhere between Skull and Bones and the White House more than a few demonic entities have taken up residence in GW Bush. His wife, Laura is no saint, either, for the record.

Haven't you noticed that unlike Clinton and Carter before him, Bush has been carefully kept out of the public eye since he left the White House? Almost like he's in hiding or in treatment (again). Hi alcohol problem is well known and he had years of drug use in college. There is a reason he is being kept out of the public eye. It may be mental illness, or a complete breakdown, or it may be the demonic entities have finally driven him insane.

I do not know the reason. But you can bet there is a good one for a former president to be all but hidden away from the public - especially in an election year such as we just had.

Privately and speaking as another Christian, I would assume the demonic entities in him recognized you as one of Jesus' own. They would automatically hate you for that reason if no other. Demons do not want to be around Christians for any reason. I think it's actually painful for some of them to be near anyone who's heart is the Lord's. Kind of the same reason they don't abduct Christians or if they start to do so and one calls on the name of Jesus, the abduction immediately stops.
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